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Daniel Nations

Google's Chrome Browser Arrives on the iPad

By June 28, 2012

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Aren't quite satisfied surfing the web on your iPad? You might want to give the Google Chrome browser a try. Released today on the app store, Google Chrome will be instantly recognizable to anyone who uses Chrome on their desktop -- and that's a lot of people considering that Chrome has been experiencing very fast adoption rates over the past couple of years.

Like installing it on your PC, you'll first be tasked with choosing whether or not you want to give some information to Google concerning your browser experience and then asked to login to the browser using your Google account. Don't worry, you don't have to do either, though logging in will allow you to access your bookmarks from your desktop or laptop PC. You can even access the open tabs you have on your other computers, making it easy to pull up that website on your PC that you found on your iPad. (This can be handy if the website contains Flash elements, which -- like the Safari browser -- Chrome doesn't support on the iPad.)

Chrome seems to load pages a little faster than Safari, though this seems to have more to do with when the page starts being rendered on the screen. Chrome is quick to start showing you the page, but can take just as long to load the entire thing.

One really neat feature is the ability to load the 'desktop' version of the website. This will work even if the website doesn't support sending the desktop version to the iPad. The voice search feature is also very sweet, not requiring you to touch the mic button when you are done.

One disappointment is the bookmarks. Rather than accessing bookmarks through a drop-down menu system like Safari (or just about every other browser on the planet), you are forced to go through web pages that organize your bookmarks. This ends up feeling very awkward. Hopefully, they'll allow a bookmark bar in a future update.

Overall, it has been a busy week for Google. They announced the Nexus 7 tablet yesterday, Google Chrome hits the app store today and a Google app for the iPad is due out "soon".

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