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iPad: Did You Know?

By September 3, 2012

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There are tons of little tricks you can do with your iPad to customize your experience or perform tasks quicker. For example, did you know you can connect your iPad to your HDTV and watch videos or play games on the big screen? Or that you can share your iTunes library on your PC with your iPad? There are a lot of cool tricks like this, but of course, the key is to actually know about them.

Did you know you can add a custom background to your iPad?

Personalizing your iPad doesn't stop with picking out just the right color for your Smart Cover. You can also add a custom picture to your Home Screen or your Lock Screen, which is the screen displayed when you first wake your iPad up from suspend mode. You can customize these background pictures by going into your iPad settings and choosing "Brightness & Wallpaper" from the left-side menu.

Find out more about customizing your iPad

Did you know you can quickly find an app with Spotlight Search?

It's easy to fill up your iPad with dozens of great apps, and before long, you may have several pages worth of apps. So how do you find a particular app you are looking for without scanning each page for the icon? The iPad's Spotlight Search allows you to search through contacts, videos, music and (you guessed it!) apps. This makes it a great way to quickly find and launch an app. You can get to the Spotlight Search by sliding your finger from left to right across the screen while on the first page of the home screen.

Learn more about Spotlight Search in this video

Did you know you can use your voice instead of your keyboard on the iPad 3?

The newest iPad did not come with Siri, but it did come with voice dictation. You can access voice dictation by pressing the microphone key right next to the space bar on the onscreen keyboard. The neat thing about this feature is that it is available almost any time your keyboard is being displayed, which means you can use it to search for an app with Spotlight Search or even to search Google as well as more traditional uses for voice dictation like writing an email or posting on Facebook. (If posting on Facebook can be considered traditional.)

Learn more about using Voice Dictation on your iPad

Did you know there is a shortcut for starting a new sentence on the iPad?

Speaking of the iPad keyboard, it has a number of great shortcuts that can be used to help you speed up your typing. (This, of course, is more useful if you aren't using the voice dictation feature.) The number one trick? Ending a sentence with two spaces. Tapping the space bar twice will insert a period, a space and set up the next letter to be capitalized, saving you the trouble of hunting down those keys yourself.

More iPad keyboard shortcuts

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