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How to Update Your iPad to iOS 6.0


Apple has released iOS 6.0 for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. This update to the iPad's operating system brings a lot of new features, including Facebook integration and Siri. It also replaces Google Maps with Apple's own Maps app, enhances iCloud, includes a new Clock app, allows FaceTime over 4G/3G and a ton of other features both big and small. No doubt, you'll want to download and install it as soon as possible. So how do you update your iPad to iOS 6.0?

Note: You will want to be on Wi-Fi to download the update. Not only will it take a while over 3G or 4G, it will also eat up a lot of your data plan. Also, it is usually best to connect your iPad to a charger (either your PC or an outlet) while updating.

  1. Go into the iPad's Settings. It's the icon that looks like gears turning.
  2. On the left-side menu, choose "General". This will pull up the general settings in the window to the right.
  3. Choose "Software Update". It's the second option from the top, just below "About".
  4. Choose Download and Install. This will begin the process of updating your iPad to iOS 6.0. Don't worry if your iPad reboots while installing the update -- that's part of the process.

You'll need a little over 2.5 GB of free storage to install the update. If the button to Download and Install is grayed out, check how much available space you have under the "Usage" option in the general settings. If need be, you can delete a few large apps you no longer use. Much of the space needed is only temporary, so you should get some back after the operating system installs.

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