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Daniel Nations

12 Great iPad Games of 2012

By January 17, 2013

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With so many great iPad games released last year, maybe it's time we ditch the idea of 'best game of the year'. After all, that's about as highly debatable an idea as it gets, and any best games list really just boils down to a series of opinions. The year did come and go without one of the most highly anticipated titles being released. Despite being teased for the iPad 3, Infinity Blade: Dungeons didn't even make it out before the iPad 4. Luckily, there were plenty of awesome games to take our mind off that one.

Walking Dead: The Game

The Walking Dead has become something of a cultural phenomenon. Everyone loves a good zombie tale, but AMC's acclaimed television series is easily the pinnacle of the zombie genre, combining tense ethical moments with the feeling that any character can die at any time. It's no surprise that Walking Dead: The Game is one of the best games of 2012.

The Room

Following in the footsteps of classic games like Myst, The Room combines beautiful graphics with an adventure full of puzzles. It might sound like a boring (and even claustrophobic) setting, but The Room does a great job of keeping you busy and soon you forget all about being trapped in a room as you uncover the story and solve the mystery.

Magic 2013

In terms of collectable card games, Magic 2013 faced some stiff competition in 2012 from Summoner Wars, which could have just as easily been on this list. But it is hard not to go with the grandfather of battling it out with cards and magic, especially when the game is so beautifully done.

Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition

One of the most highly anticipated games for 2012, Baldur's Gate didn't disappoint. A port of the 1998 classic that helped breathe new life into the role-playing game genre, the Enhanced Edition includes some new characters, new areas and an arena-style game mode.

Angry Birds: Star Wars

How well do the angry birds fly on Hoth? A good question, and one that is answered in Angry Birds: Star Wars. This fun game is a must-have for anyone who ever got caught up in Angry birds or who loved Star Wars, which is pretty much everyone, right?

Rayman Jungle Run

It's no surprise that the platforming legend grabbed Apple's game of the year award. Don't confuse this one with a Temple Run clone. It's a full platformer designed for touch devices. Rayman Jungle Run does a great job of feeding you the game in bite-sized chunks, so you can really fly through this one, or you can spend forever trying to post perfect scores.


Another excellent port that does a great job of implementing touch controls, Bastion is an action RPG with character. Both Bastion and Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition are great examples of bringing a full game to the iPad without watering it down on the new platform. If you love nicely-paced action and a Diablo-style isometric view of beautiful landscapes, you'll like Bastion.

Monster Wars

This sequel to Legendary Wars puts you on the side of the monsters. The game includes 15 monsters you can customize and a neat campaign that tells its own story without just retelling Legendary Wars. Monster Wars is a nice hybrid of the castle defense and action RPG genres.

Ravensword: Shadowlands

Crescent Moon Games is already known for some of the best RPGs on the iPad, and Ravensword: Shadowlands does not disappoint. Ravensword: Shadowlands is a sandbox RPG that will remind many of The Elder Scrolls classics like Skyrim and Oblivion. The game features a skill-based system and allows you to play it pretty much how you want after you get past the introduction.

Punch Quest

Punch Quest is side scrolling arcade-style RPG fun turned upside down. It has its roots in games like Golden Axe, but it combines this classic game style with Temple Run's endless runner to create something that is both different and fun. The game is free-to-play, but unlike those games that annoy you with their constant badgering of in-game items, Punch Quest is pretty hands off and (like Temple Run) can easily be played without ever going to the store.

Pizza Vs. Skeletons

Who needs Plants vs Zombies when you have Pizza vs Skeletons? And in what other game can you customize yourself with cool new toppings? But the unique idea alone doesn't land Pizza vs Skeletons on this list. It follows up a cool concept with a lot of fun and a ton of variety -- as one might expect in a pizza game.

Need for Speed Most Wanted

One of the most visually appealing games of 2012, the newest in the line of Need for Speed games does just what it advertises: provide speed. The game plays fast, and while some racing games can make you feel like you are poking along, this one lets you feel that speed. It could use a little bit more challenge from the police, but if you love racing games, Most Wanted is a lot of fun.

A Guide to the Best iPad Games

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