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5 Worst Ways to Use an iPad

By March 19, 2013

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It's easy to point out some of the best ways to use the iPad. But what about the worse? A couple of humorous incidents recently making the rounds in the news got me to thinking about some of the worse ways people have used their iPad, or at least, gained access to their 15 minutes of fame through the iPad.

1: Steal an iPad and Send Pictures of Yourself to the Owner

Last year, a flight attendant who "forgot" to return a found iPad was busted using the Find My iPad ability, but the most bizarre case of iPad theft happened a few days ago. A man flying from Phoenix to Detroit left his iPad on the plane. Thinking it lost forever, he was surprised to see pictures showing up in his Photo Stream. Even more bizarre are the faces the 'new' owner is making in these self portraits. Read the whole story at Vibe.

2: Entertain Your Small Child by Typing in Your Passcode So They Can Download an App

There's been a rash of stories lately about kids running up a rather high bills using the iPad. One of the most shocking (and easily avoidable) happened last month when a five year old asked for the passcode so he could download Zombie v Ninja. After receiving the passcode, he quickly spent around $2500 on the game. Read more about it on Business Insider

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3: Use the iPad to Peek Up a Woman's Skirt

Apparently, Peeping Toms use iPads. In this case, a man started by following his intended victim around a pet store. Feigning interest in the woman's dog, the man bent down to pet the pooch while simultaneously attempting to snap the not-so-nice photo. Luckily, the act of voyeurism was caught on tape, so the guy may have a nasty surprise in his future. Read more about it at CBS Los Angeles.

4. Buy an iPad While Picking Up Food at McDonalds

This bit of news is from 2011, but still worth a mention on the list. There are certainly ways to buy an iPad for less than retail price, but if someone approaches you with a great deal on a new iPad while you are picking up fast food, you should pass on it. And if they are asking $300 but you are able to haggle them down to $180, you should definitely pass on it. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened to one South Carolina woman, who ended up paying $180 for a piece of wood with the Apple logo painted on it. Read more about it on CBS News.

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5. Endorse the Microsoft Surface by Tweeting From Your iPad

If you are like me, you are often approached with offers of quick cash to endorse products to your whopping 598 Twitter followers. OK, I admit it, my inbox isn't full of endorsement offers. Perhaps if I had 17 million followers like Oprah, my inbox would be full. And my promise: I won't tweet my endorsement of the Microsoft Surface from my iPad. Unfortunately, Oprah can't say the same. Read more about Oprah's endorsement on TechCrunch.

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