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Daniel Nations

Daniel Nations

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Daniel Nations has been writing, programming and following technology since the days when the Commodore Vic 20 was considered the de facto standard for the home computer to our current time when keyboards are considered optional.

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Daniel has over 20 years of experience in the computer industry, from his days working in technical support helping people with Microsoft software to his days as a database administrator overseeing mission critical processes for a financial institution.

Published in both print and digital media, Daniel covered the iPad from a time when it was simply a rumor to its release. In the years since its debut, Daniel has given his expert opinion on air at radio stations ranging from WJJG in Chicago, ABC's KGO in San Francisco, 1190 KEX in Portland and KOA in Denver.

In addition to writing about the iPad, Daniel has published several apps on the iTunes App Store, including Endless Nights, a full-featured role-playing game.  

By Daniel Nations:

"I remember watching an old Star Trek: Next Generation on television a few days after I bought the original iPad, and I was struck by how similar the device Captain Picard was holding in his hand and manipulating with his fingers was to my brand new iPad. It's always amazing when technology catches up with science fiction.

"After watching the industry grow from a time when 5 kilobytes was considered a good upgrade to a time when 5 gigabytes is considered too small, I've gathered a lot of knowledge. And one thing I have grown to enjoy in my writing is imparting that knowledge to others, whether they be fellow experts wanting some information on the next big thing or simply on the road to becoming experts."

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