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iPad Mini 2 Details - About iPad
The iPad Mini 2 was announced by Apple on October 22nd, delivering a Retina Display and the same A7 chip that powers the iPad Air.
The iPad Mini 2 Review: Apple's First Five-Star Tablet - About iPad
The iPad Mini 2 constitutes the biggest leap from one generation to the next since the iPad's inception, but is it good enough to run out and purchase?
iPad 2 vs iPad Mini 2 - About iPad
It's big tablet vs little tablet in Apple's title fight for the $399 tablet. The iPad Mini 2 increased the price of the iPad Mini from $329 to $399, but not without a lot of ...
Should You Upgrade to the iPad Mini 2? - About iPad
The iPad Mini 2 is a major upgrade over the original iPad Mini, which was introduced last year. The newest iPad Mini not only sports a Retina Display, it also ...
The iPad 4 vs the iPad Mini - About iPad
Now that Apple has introduced the iPad Mini, picking out the right model has become that much more difficult. Much like the full-sized iPad, the iPad Mini comes ...
The iPad Air vs the iPad Mini 2 - About iPad
Apple upped the ante on the iPad Mini 2, giving it a Retina Display and an A7 chip. But is the iPad Mini 2 ready to take on the iPad Air? Which tablet should you  ...
Should You Upgrade to an iPad Mini? - About iPad
With the iPad Mini officially announced, we can now fairly judge Apple's 7-inch tablet against its bigger brother. While the iPad Mini will be compared with other ...
Should You Buy an iPad Mini? - About iPad
The iPad Mini debuted on October 23rd, and other than the smaller size, it contains most of the same features as the full-sized iPad. But is it worth it? Or will it ...
iPad Mini Review: Is the Mini the Best iPad? - About iPad
After years of rumors, the iPad Mini is now reality. But does it live up to the hype? Apple is positioning their smaller tablet to take on mini-sized competitors like ...
iPad Mini FAQ - About iPad
The iPad Mini is a 7-inch tablet running the iOS operating system, which is the same operating system that runs the iPhone, (full-sized) iPad and iPod Touch.
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