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Should You Upgrade to an iPad Mini 3? - About iPad
The iPad Mini 3 has arrived, but has it landed with applause or a thud? We'll take a look at the newest Mini and decide if it is worth the upgrade.
iPad Mini FAQ - About iPad
The iPad Mini is a 7-inch tablet running the iOS operating system, which is the same operating system that runs the iPhone, (full-sized) iPad and iPod Touch.
iPad 2 vs iPad Mini 2 - About iPad
It's big tablet vs little tablet in Apple's title fight for the $399 tablet. The iPad Mini 2 increased the price of the iPad Mini from $329 to $399, but not without a lot of ...
The iPad Mini 2 Review: Apple's First Five-Star Tablet - About.com
The iPad Mini 2 constitutes the biggest leap from one generation to the next since the iPad's inception, but is it good enough to run out and purchase?
Should You Upgrade to the iPad Mini 2? - About iPad
The iPad Mini 2 is a major upgrade over the original iPad Mini, which was introduced last year. The newest iPad Mini not only sports a Retina Display, it also ...
The iPad 4 vs the iPad Mini - About iPad
Now that Apple has introduced the iPad Mini, picking out the right model has become that much more difficult. Much like the full-sized iPad, the iPad Mini comes ...
iPad Mini 2 Details - About iPad
The iPad Mini 2 was announced by Apple on October 22nd, delivering a Retina Display and the same A7 chip that powers the iPad Air.
Kindle Fire HDX vs iPad Mini 2 vs Google Nexus 7 - About iPad
As 7-inch tablets become more popular, there are still three players that stick out from the pack: the iPad Mini 2, Kindle Fire HDX and Google Nexus 7. Each of ...
The iPad Air vs the iPad Mini 2 - About.com
Apple upped the ante on the iPad Mini 2, giving it a Retina Display and an A7 chip. But is the iPad Mini 2 ready to take on the iPad Air? Which tablet should you  ...
Should You Buy an iPad Mini? - About iPad
The iPad Mini can be a great way to get an iPad while saving some money, but it is not great at everything. Found out if the iPad Mini is a right fit for how you ...
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