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How to Set Up an iPad For First Time Use - About iPad
Now that you have an iPad, it is time to set it up for you to use. The process is relatively painless, but there are a few questions you will need to answer, such as  ...
How to Setup iMessage on the iPad - About iPad
Did you know you can use iMessage on your iPad to send free text messages ... So long as they have iMessage setup as well, you can send as many messages ...
How to Setup Home Sharing on the iPad - About iPad
After you setup Home Sharing on iTunes, it is quite easy to get it working with the iPad. And once you have iPad Home Sharing working, you can share music, ...
Apple iPad Setup - Quick Tips, Tricks & Tutorials - Portable Electronics
The Setup: How to Set Up Your iPad Quickly. - Image by Jason Hidalgo. Setting up an iPad is quick and easy. For tips on how to set up an iPad without ...
iPad Tutorial - Initial Setup Without a Computer - Portable Electronics
When the original iPad was first released, one of my gripes about the device was how it required connecting to a computer in order set it up for use. My rationale ...
How to Set Up and iPad Without a Computer - Portable Electronics
Yes, you need an Internet connection to continue with your setup if you decide to do it without a computer that runs iTunes. Your iPad will then scan for any ...
How to Set Up the iPad - iPhone/iPod - About.com
If you've set up an iPod or iPhone in the past, you're going to find that the iPad set up process is familiar. Even if this is your first Apple device running the iOS, ...
How to Connect Your iPad to Facebook - About iPad
The iOS 6.0 update brought with it the ability to connect your iPad to your Facebook account. This has many ... How to Setup Twitter and Facebook on the iPad.
How to Setup Dropbox on the iPad - About iPad
Now it is time to get Dropbox setup on your iPad. Once setup, Dropbox will allow you to save files to the Dropbox servers and transfer files from one device to ...
How to Setup Dropbox on the iPad - About iPad
It's also very easy to install and start using on your PC and iPad, and it makes an excellent way to ... While it downloads, go ahead an setup a new account.
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