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How to Set Up an iPad For First Time Use - About iPad
The process to set up an iPad to use for the first time is amazingly simple now that Apple has severed the cord from the computer to the iOS device by allowing  ...
How to Open the iPad's Settings - About iPad
The ability to open the iPad's settings can be very important both in basic troubleshooting and in configuring the iPad to act as you want it to act. There are  ...
How to Reset the iPad to Factory Default Settings - About iPad
The two most common reasons for resetting an iPad to the factory default settings are to prepare the iPad up for a new owner or to overcome a problem with the ...
How to Set Up the iPad - iPhone/iPod at About.com
If you've set up an iPod or iPhone in the past, you're going to find that the iPad set up process is familiar. Even if this is your first Apple device running the iOS, ...
Apple iPad Setup - Quick Tips, Tricks & Tutorials
Once you've got iTunes all set up and launched, connect your iPad to your computer using the connector cable that comes with the device. Your iPad will be  ...
Help With iPad Settings - About iPad
There are plenty of ways to customize your iPad using the iPad settings. You can use settings to do everything from automatically download new updates from ...
Set Up iCloud Keychain and Siri - iPhone/iPod at About.com
A pair of useful, but not crucial, features are options in this iPad set up step.
Complete iPad Set Up - iPhone/iPod at About.com
At this point, you're done with setting up your iPad and are ready to get started.
iPad Tutorial - Initial Setup Without a Computer
The next step is where you indicate whether you want to do the set up with or without a computer. Obviously, this tutorial is about setting up your iPad without ...
Configure Wi-Fi and Location Services on iPad
Your next step in setting up your iPad is to join a Wi-Fi network and to configure Location Services.
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