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The 20 Best Uses for the iPad - About iPad
Can't decide if the iPad is worth it? Are you wondering what to do with the iPad? How to use an iPad is an easy question to answer. Between its ability to stream ...
iPad Usage: Where Did All My Storage Space Go? - About iPad
Find out which apps are taking up the most space on your iPad, how much storage your music and videos take and even how much space you are using on  ...
iPad Training 101: A New User's Guide to the iPad - About iPad
iPad 101 is for new iPad users who have never owned an iPhone or iPod Touch, simple things like finding good apps, installing them, organizing them or even ...
Answered: What Can an iPad Do? - About iPad
Whether you are contemplating buying an iPad for the first time or just want to ... This list will go over some of the many uses for the iPad, including ways it can be  ...
iPad Help: 8 Lessons for Beginners - About iPad
Are you ready to learn how to use the iPad? These lessons will take you from the very basics of what's in the box and what those buttons on it do to how to ...
The iPad Guide: How to Get the Most Out of the iPad - About iPad
While the iPad is a very easy device to use, there are a few tricks that will help you get started enjoying it rather than wasting too much time figuring out how to ...
The 25 Best 'Must-Have' iPad Apps - About iPad
You've got your iPad, and now you are ready to fill up with with great apps. But what to download? This list of must-have iPad apps has you covered no matter ...
How to use FaceTime on the iPad - About iPad
The introduction of the dual-facing cameras on the iPad 2 made it possible to place FaceTime calls between two iDevices, which is great for those looking to use ...
How to Delete iPad Apps - About iPad
How to Delete iPad Apps. How to Delete an iPad App -. You can delete an iPad app similar to how you would move the icon for an iPad app. First, tap and hold ...
The 10 Best iPad Utility Apps - About iPad
If you want to extend beyond just games and surfing the web, these great utility apps will help you get there. Whether you want to use your iPad to print ...
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