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Profile: Dead Space


Dead Space for iPad

© Electronic Arts

Category: Games - Action/Arcade
Developer: Electronic Arts
Released: 1/25/11
Rating: Ages 12 and up
Requirements: iPad with iOS 3.2 or later

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Dead Space Features

  • An Original Dead Space Story for iPad
  • 2 Exclusive weapons (Plasma Saw and Core Extractor))
  • Survival mode with 5 Minutes To Kill and Endless version


Dead Space Information

A horror-action-shooter, Dead Space was one of the big surprise hits on consoles in 2008, but don't think the iPad game is just a watered down version. Electronic Arts created an brand new story for iOS, with events taking place in parallel with the story from the consoles, with a plot that will help connect the original story with the upcoming sequel.

The on-screen "stick" controls for Dead Space fit in well with the action. The left stick

controls movement, the right is for aiming and doing other in-game actions. And the fluid game controls help keep your mind off the mechanics and on a story that will have you fleeing for you life only to turn and take it to the enemy.

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