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The Best Action Games for the iPad


With the addition of the Retina Display, gaming on the iPad has come a long way in the last few years.  In fact, some games are starting to rival what you might see on the Xbox 360 of PlayStation 4.  And the games are getting more depth as well, leading to an even better experience.   The best action games are those that require some hand-eye coordination and some brains as well, but most of all, they have to be packed with fun.  

The Best Classic Arcade Games for the iPad

There's a little bit of something for everyone on this list, including those wanting to survive a zombie apocalypse, those who love a good adventure and those who love retro games.  

Walking Dead: The Game

Walking Dead

Like the popular AMC television series, there's only one word to describe Walking Dead: The Game. Awesome. The game brings the survival horror and psychological thriller theme of the series into the game in an all new story told in five separate episodes. If you love the TV series -- or just love zombie games -- you'll love this one.

Punch Quest

Punch Quest

What do you get when you combine a side-scrolling game like Golden Axe with an endless runner like Temple Run? Punch Quest. It takes the endless running action and flips it on its side as you run and punch your way through the game, collecting currency and buying new abilities along the way. A great buy for anyone who loves the endless runner genre but thinks the last few games have just repeated the same old-same old.

LEGO Harry Potter


This one could really be LEGO Whatever. All of the Lego games are worth having, so it is really up to you to choose which one matches your interest. If you aren't a Harry Potter fan, you can go with the Star Wars saga or go fantasy with the Lord of the Rings. You can even be a super hero in LEGO Batman. No matter your choice, it's hard to go wrong with one of these games.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City


The Grand Theft Auto series breathed new life into the sandbox game. While the game isn't without story, the beauty of the Grand Theft Auto series is how much freedom you have to go out and do whatever you want in the game. Vice City is one of the better ports for the iPad, which has recently seen a lot of big name games like Baldur's Gate and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic ported to the platform. Unfortunately, this can have a negative impact as well, such as when you have a long drive back when failing a mission. If you like some freedom in your games, or you just want to take a trip down memory lane, Grand Theft Auto is a good choice.

Dead Space

Dead Space for iPad

Dead Space is well known among console gamers.  It came out of no where to be one of the biggest hits of 2008.  And Dead Space for the iPad is just as good.   With word of a sequel to the console game coming down the pipe, Electronic Arts created a unique story for Dead Space on the ipad,with a plot that will link the original Dead Space to its sequel.   The game features cool new weapons and survival modes like 5 Minutes to Kill and an Endless Survival version.

Injustice: Gods Among Us


Injustice: Gods Among Us isn't going to win strategy game of the decade. It would require some thinking to even be considered for that honor. And it won't win fighting game of the decade, though that's mainly what you do: fight. But it will provide a lot of fun, and as a free-to-play game, you can try it out for free before deciding if you want to spend some money on it. A beautifully rendered game, if you love the superhero theme or find yourself nuts for DC comics, you'll definitely want to check it out.

Wild Blood


If you like your action games to have a bit more RPG element to them, Gameloft's Wild Blood might be more to your liking. As Lancelot, you had a hand in the danger facing the land. After betraying King Arthur, Morgana was able to open a Hell Gate while Arthur is too distraught to care. It's up to you to beat back the demon hordes. Not exactly a spellbinding story, but enough of one to get you started. A beautiful game weighed down at times by not-always-smooth controls, this is still one of the better action adventure games on the iPad.

Temple Run

Temple Run

Temple Run is the perfect throwback to old-fashioned arcade games. As a 3D platformer, it is simple to pick up and play, and yet it has an addictive factor that keeps you coming back for more. It's easy to learn, difficult to master, and it really pushes you to beat your highest score each time you play. Best of all, you can unlock powerups in the store and they stay unlocked for future games. It's no wonder the game has been downloaded so many times since it's release in mid-2011.

Temple Run Tips and Powerups

Death Rally

Death Rally for iPad

The type of game that is easy to pick up and hard to put down, Death Rally is for everyone that has ever wished Twisted Metal would come to the iPad.  A vehicular combat game, Death Rally will have you racing around tracks and firing off missiles, machine guns and laying down mines in order to blow your way to the top of the race.   And in between races, you'll use your hard-earned dough to puchase new cars, customize your ride and slap on some new weaponry.  

Monster Dash

Monster Dash for iPad

Meet Barry Steakfires.  He likes to run.  He doesn't like monsters.  And therein likes the making for a great survival-horror-platformer action game from Halfbrick Studios, who also brought us Fruit Ninja.  If you liked Pitfall Harry, but you wish it had a lot less swinging over swamp pits and a lot more shooting mummies with a shotgun, Monster Dash is the game for you.

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