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Profile: Risk HD


Risk for iPad

© Electronic Arts

Category: Games - Board and Card
Developer: Electronic Arts
Released: 12/14/10
Rating: Ages 4 and up
Requirements: iPad with iOS 3.2 or later

Download from iTunes

Risk Features

  • Classic board game experience
  • New "Fixed" alternative rule set for more strategic play
  • Multiplayer support and pass-and-play options

Risk Information

World domination comes to the iPad in the official Risk game. A classic among strategy board games, the iPad version brings with it the same dice rolling and card collecting that you would partake in while playing the real game. You can test your strategies in single player mode against the computer and then take them to your friends in multiplayer mode.

Risk for the iPad also includes a new alternative "Fixed" ruleset that brings more strategy to the table. But don't worry, you can still play the traditional style and let the dice do your fighting for you.

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