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Review: Word Solitaire HD for the iPad

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Word Solitaire HD for iPad

© Candywriter

Category: Games - Board and Card
Developer: Candywriter
Released: 10/22/10
Rating: Ages 4 and up
Requirements: iPad with iOS 3.2 or later

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Word Solitaire Features

  • Solitaire with letters
  • 20 free levels
  • 250 level campaign
  • Compete against others in the daily puzzle

Word Solitaire Review

For anyone that loves word games like Scrabble and Words With Friends who also has a Solitaire addiction, Word Solitaire provides the best of both worlds. Similar to a game of Klondike, you start with several rows across the top, but instead of cards, you are presented with letters. You can drag-and-drop letters from one column to the next, revealing hidden letters beneath, but you can only drag a letter to a column if there is a possibility of spelling out a word. You also have a pile of letters you can overturn to help you when you get stuck, and occasionally, you'll reveal a wildcard that can be turned into any letter.

Word Solitaire is nicely addictive, with game play that can be quick for those who just want to spell out their words and complete the puzzle, and long for those who want to spell out the biggest and best words possible. You can even burn letters up by dragging them to the sun, which is great for getting rid of that odd letter you couldn't work into a word, but this will cost you some points and you can only do it a limited number of times per level.

The game also has a great tutorial that will teach you how to play and a number of different free levels, so you won't have to spend your hard earned cash just to find out if Word Solitaire can be your next addiction. For those serious about their word play, there is a $2.99 expansion pack that will keep you going for months.

User Reviews

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 3 out of 5
Good game but ..., Member Liane54

I have run across several words that the game will not accept. I am only on level 36, so I expect I will run into this problem frequently enough that I will eventually lose interest in the game. I can't remember the other words the game wouldn't allow off the top of my head, but last night, I tried to use ""facelift"" and it was rejected. I had one column with the word ""face"" and another with the letters L & I. I had F & T in the draw pile. It seemed like a no brainer to merge them to make the word ""facelift"". But nope, the game wouldn't allow it. Unfortunately, it ruined my game strategy because I never would have drawn the F & T out of the draw pile had I known the game wouldn't allow that particular word. If the game had a dictionary (like Hasbro's Scrabble game), at least the player could check to see if words are in the dictionary before drawing cards. Would I buy it again if I knew about this in advance? Probably not. I get annoyed easily and trash games that frustrate me or that I find have ""rough edges"". Others who let stuff like that roll off their backs might like it. For me, it is just so so. I think it has the potential to be a very good game, but it's not quite there yet. Needs work and definitely needs a dictionary. I tried to write review on itunes when the game prompted me. AFTER I had written the review, I was advised that my user name was already taken and asked me to register a different user name. OK ... but there was no way to do that so my review was lost. It's stuff like that that makes me want to scream! Not ready for Prime Time ... yet.

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