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Profile: Epic Truck


Epic Truck for iPad

© Sea Lion Games

Category: Games - Racing
Developer: Sea Lion Games
Released: 12/8/10
Rating: Ages 4 and up
Requirements: iPad with iOS 3.2 or later

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Epic Truck Features

  • Race tracks in any order
  • 22 leaderboards and 26 difference achievements
  • Finish a race even if you've blown a tire

Epic Truck Information

Epic Truck is a monster truck racing game where you compete to get the fastest time to the finish line. But in order to do that, you'll navigate boulders, logs, moguls and even jump over chasms. You'll even be able to finish a race if you blow a tire.

The game features leaderboards on Apple's Game Center and has 26 different achievements you can unlock. There are also truck packs that will unlock new trucks that can be purchased while in the game.

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