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Reckless Racing Review

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Reckless Racing HD for iPad

© Electronic Arts

Category: Games - Racing
Developer: Electronic Arts
Released: 10/21/10
Rating: Ages 4 and up
Requirements: iPad with iOS 3.2 or later

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Reckless Racing Features

  • Race on 8 different tracks, with 3 bonus tracks for the iPad version
  • Three modes: Take on the Dirt Rally, Hot Lap and Delivery
  • Go up against friends in Multiplayer mode

Reckless Racing Review

For those of you who like the Dukes of Hazard side of racing, there is Reckless Racing from Electronic Arts. The best way to describe this dirty little racing game is to give you the names of the characters you'll be going up against: Bubba, Otis, Lurlene, Cletus and Floyd. And you'll be able to take the beat down to Bubba in three different modes (Dirty Rally, Hot Lap and Delivery) and three different difficulty settings (Bronze, Silver and Gold).

Along with trying to beat your opponents to the finish line, you'll also need to avoid any obstacles on the way. While taking a ramp might seem like fun, be careful not to flip over or you'll lose some time. And with a destructible environment, it can be quite fulfilling to smash down a sign and watch it slide across the screen.

Reckless Racing has a quick tutorial that will introduce you to a number of different control options, from tilt-to-steer to having a miniature steering wheel on the screen. The default control system is with simple buttons, but it is great to see so many different styles implemented.

The game itself is rather simple, though once you hit the gold setting, it can be rather challenging. And with the multiplayer features, you can extend the game's life long after you've learned how to leave Bubba in the dust.

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