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Review: Death Rally for iPad

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Death Rally by Remedy Entertainment

© Remedy Entertainment

Category: Games - Racing
Developer: Remedy Entertainment
Released: 3/31/11
Rating: Ages 12 and up
Requirements: iPad with iOS 3.2 or later

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Death Rally Features

  • Auto racing with machine guns
  • Career mode lets you unlock and upgrade cars and gain new weapons
  • Two camera angle options
  • Game Center compatible

Death Rally Review

I didn't start out to review Death Rally. Sure, I intended to do a review at some point, but today, I just wanted to take five minutes to get a look at it before lunch. Two hours later, I was left with a growing hunger in my stomach and a growing need to unlock the next car.

Death Rally has the right combination of easy to jump into game play and addictive achievement. It's based on a relatively simple concept: people like to race cars and people like to blow things up.

Vehicular combat games have been around since the days of gathering around a table to play Car Wars, but rarely have they been so fun. For every Twisted Metal, there are four or five Auto Assaults just waiting to dash your dreams. Count Death Rally as closer to the Twisted Metal side of things.

Death Rally pits you as a criminal who makes a deal with the local sheriff to participate in some not-so-nice car races in order to get at the ring leader. You'll start out in a pretty generic car with a simple gun and a will to beat the crap out of your fellow racers, but as you race, you'll find components for new cars, weapon accessories and even new race tracks.

Once you have enough components for a new car, you'll slowly upgrade it with the winnings from your races. You can up the speed, armor and handling, but individual cars have different limits for each category. You can equip up to two weapons beyond the basic gun, one weapon is a car modification like laser sighting and the other is a usable weapon like missiles, mines or a Gatling gun.

As your car improves, you'll be better equipped to deal with race tracks on harder settings. And in addition to just driving around and shredding your opponents, you'll get the opportunity to complete specific challenges, such as a head-to-head race or a race where everyone is equipped with the same type of gun.

One of the few downsides to the game is the lack of multiplayer, but Remedy Entertainment plans to add that in a future update. It would also be nice to have a screen before each race that provides you with the option of choosing a different vehicle rather than going into the garage when you want to fit your vehicle choice with the specific track you'll be racing. But overall, Death Rally is an easy recommendation to anyone that loves racing or simply blowing thing up.

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