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Profile: Modern Conflict


Modern Conflict HD

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Category: Games - Strategy
Developer: Clickgamer.com
Released: 7/9/10
Rating: Ages 9 and up
Requirements: iPad with iOS 3.2 or later

Download from iTunes

Modern Conflict Features

  • Single touch real time strategy
  • Over 40 different missions spanning from America to Russia to China
  • Randomly generated missions in Survival mode keep the fun going
  • Recent update added a brand new campaign with a new unit type

Modern Conflict Information

Modern Conflict is a real time strategy game where you launch an offensive on both land and air, with everything from fortified bases to anti-aircraft guns to special skills that give unique bonuses adding tactics to the battle. And with the unique "one touch" control

scheme, you can control the action with a single finger.

Set in modern times, you'll deploy tanks and helicopters in an effort to take over neutral and enemy bases. These attempts are made more difficult by fortifications and artillery, and when attacking a tank base with a helicopter unit (or vice versa), you'll suffer additional causalities. So you'll want to pick your battles well. Is it worth it to send that helicopter squad to take over an underpopulated enemy tank base?

A nice take on the real time strategy genre, you can try out Modern Conflict for free in Modern Conflict Lite.

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