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Review: TowerMadness HD

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TowerMadness HD

© Limbic Software

Category: Games - Strategy
Developer: Limbic Software
Released: 5/23/10
Rating: Ages 9 and up
Requirements: iPad with iOS 3.2 or later

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TowerMadness Features

  • Classic tower defense strategy goodness
  • Split spring two-player mode
  • 17 different enemies, 9 weapons, 3 special weapons and 46 different maps
  • Game Center support for achievements and leaderboards


TowerMadness Review

If you think the aliens are here after mankind, think again. They are after our sheep! And now you've got to stop the aliens from stealing all of your sheep by unleashing a variety of different weapons to defend against wave after wave of them.

TowerMadness may be the best tower defense game in the app store. A combination of polished graphics, cute gameplay and addicting strategic elements, TowerMadness will suck you in with quick tutorial matches that not only teach you the basics of playing the game, but also present some challenge -- a rarity in games with oftentimes too easy tutorials.

In the tradition of tower defense games, you will face wave after wave of aliens that get increasingly tougher. To defeat them, you'll need to lay down a variety of weapons, from laser cannons to electrical towers. You'll also need to obstruct their path and take them on a winding road that will demolish their numbers.

TowerMadness presents all the features of a great tower defense game: plenty of neat weapons that you can upgrade as your demolish waves of the enemy, maps that present a strategic puzzle, the ability to alter the path of the enemy in order to set the map up as a huge killing field and plenty of enemies that you'll need to figure out how to kill.

The interface is clean and simple, with a 3D board that lets you zoom in and out of the action. Upgrading and selling towers is just a matter of touching them to bring up a menu of choices. And while the tutorial does a good job of teaching you the game, it only takes a brief amount of time, putting you into the action right away.

It's easy to get addicted to this one. Sometimes, a game with a cute backdrop relies too much on the humorous environment and less on the actual game play elements, but TowerMadness presents a nice challenge for tower defense fans.

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