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How to Sell Your iPad

Tips on Getting the Best Price and Making the Process Easy



The iPad is about to get a major upgrade within a few weeks, so it's a great time to talk about how to sell your iPad. For those that like to stay up on the latest-and-greatest in technology, selling your iPad can be a great way to finance the new one. And for those that have the original iPad, this is a great time to upgrade. But how do you go about selling your iPad?

Avoid: Sell-Your-iPad Websites

If you type "sell ipad" into Google, you'll run across a multitude of websites begging you to sell them your iPad. These websites are designed as an easy way to sell electronics like smartphones, tablets and laptop computers, but of all the ways to sell your iPad, these websites will give you the worst deal.

I used my 32GB iPad 2 Wi-Fi model as a test to see how these websites compared to other avenues. My iPad retailed for $599, and the price I was quoted from these sites ranged from $260-$290. Not only is this less than half of the original price for a 1-year-old iPad 2, it also compares poorly to the $375-$450 price range found on eBay.

If you don't want to deal with the hassle of eBay or Craigslist and you don't know anyone who wants an iPad, there are still better ways of selling your iPad.

Remember: Friends and Family

It's easy to forget that we may know someone who wants an iPad. And selling to friends or family is one of the safest ways to get money for you iPad. If you don't want to simply ask around for interest in the device, you can send out a mass email to your friends and family to find out if anyone is interested in buying your iPad.

Not sure what price to attach to your iPad? That's one area where eBay can really come in handy. Simply do a search for your iPad, including the model (iPad or iPad 2), the storage space (16GB, 32GB or 64GB) and whether or not it has 3G. You can then compare the different prices they are going for on the auction site and determine the best price.

The Best Price for Your iPad

If your friends and family aren't interested in your iPad, you'll get the best price going through eBay or Craigslist. Both of these websites give you an avenue to sell directly to someone who wants the iPad, so you don't have a company in the middle taking out their own slice of the pie. You will have to craft your own listing, which should include photos, a description of the iPad's features and the iPad's condition. Remember, you are trying to sell your iPad, so this listing should read like an advertisement.

For eBay, you can set a lower price and let people bid for the iPad, driving the price up. You can also skip the auction and simply set a buyout price, which allows you to determine exactly what the iPad will go for on the website.

For Craigslist, it's a good idea to set the price higher than what you really want for the iPad. You'll get people making you offers, and its easier to get the price you wanted if you start out a little higher.

Here's a little more information to help you get started on these websites:

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The Easiest Way to Sell Your iPad

Don't want to deal with the hassle of eBay or Craigslist? I don't blame you. It can take a lot of time and energy to put something up for sale on either of those websites, and ultimately, you don't have a guarantee of making the sell.

Luckily, there is a good alternative. Amazon has an electronics trade-in program that is similar to those sell-your-iPad except for two very important facts: (1) It's much easier to trust Amazon than a random fly-by-night website and (2) Amazon will give you a much better price for your used iPad.

Amazon offered $375 for my "like new" iPad 2. Not only is that much better than the $260-$290 offered by the sell-your-iPad websites, it also hits the same neighborhood as the same iPad model selling on eBay. So if you want to maximize how much cash you get and minimize the work it takes to get it, selling your iPad to Amazon is your best bet.

The one drawback to Amazon's program is that it offers credit for future Amazon purchases rather than cash. If cash is your goal, Radio Shack offers a good trade-in program. You can even choose between doing the trade-in with a physical store or the online store.

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