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Should You Upgrade to the iPad Mini 2?

Is the iPad Mini 2 worth it?



The iPad Mini © Apple, Inc.


The iPad Mini © Apple, Inc.

The iPad Mini 2 is a major upgrade over the original iPad Mini, which was introduced last year. The newest iPad Mini not only sports a Retina Display, it also sees a significant boost in performance with the A7 system-on-a-chip.  The 1.29 Ghz A7 used on the Mini 2 is clocked slightly slower than the 1.4 Ghz A7 in the iPad Air, a move no doubt made to save battery life and keep the smaller iPad from heating up too much, but with such a small difference in performance, the iPad Mini 2 is essentially a smaller Air.  

But is the update enough for you to upgrade to the iPad Mini 2?

If you have an original iPad...

You should absolutely upgrade. There are few words needed on this one. The only question for owners of the original iPad is whether to upgrade to the 7.9-inch iPad Mini 2 or the 9.7-inch iPad Air. Both translate to a huge boost in speed, power and graphics while the original iPad has become obsolete, no longer supporting the latest iOS updates.

Upgrade Recommendation: Definitely.

Should you upgrade to the iPad Air instead?

If you have an iPad 2...

The good news is your iPad will still see massive support from both app developers and Apple well into the future. Apple's decision to keep both the iPad 2 and the original iPad Mini in production means the iPad 2 will still continue to be a good talent well into the future.

But will it be a great tablet? Let's face it, the iPad Mini sports eight times the graphics power, four times the processing speed and twice the available memory for applications. The new Mini also has the Retina Display, access to 4G LTE networks and MIMO support for Wi-Fi, which means it can use multiple antennas for faster access to the Internet.

All of this makes it a great time to upgrade.

Upgrade Recommendation: Probably.

If you have an iPad Mini...

The iPad Mini has always been a better tablet than the iPad 2. It has a smaller display, but that translates to a lighter device that is easier to use one-handed. It has the same graphics and processing power, but better cameras and access to 4G LTE.

So how does it compare to the new iPad Mini 2? Slower, but functional. The new A7 chip in the iPad Mini 2 makes it blazing fast, and the upgrade to the Retina Display gives it some of the sharpest graphics in a 7-inch tablet. In all, it's a great upgrade from the iPad Mini, but being only a year old, it's difficult to call this a must-have upgrade. But if you do decide to upgrade, you won't be sorry.

Upgrade Recommendation: A good upgrade for those who don't mind buying a new iPad after only a year.

If you have an iPad 3...

The iPad 3 may go down as the most underrated iPad, having been on the market for only a scant 8 months before Apple released the iPad 4. The main difference between the iPad 3 and its successor is an update to processing power, and that remains true with the iPad Mini 2. While the new Mini is definitely more powerful, the iPad 3 is still going to run the same applications, and except for those heavy into gaming, it will run them just as well as the iPad Mini 2.

The one advantage iPad 3 owners have in upgrading to the iPad Mini 2 is the ability to sell or trade in the third generation iPad for a sweet deal on the Mini 2. If you don't mind downgrading to a 7.9-inch screen, the $399 price tag for an entry-level iPad Mini 2 can be offset by the $205 NextWorth would pay for the entry level iPad 3. More Great Trade-In Programs

Upgrade Recommendation: Maybe.

If you have an iPad 4...

The iPad Mini 2 looks fantastic compared against some of the earlier iPads, but it is only an incremental upgrade over the iPad 4. While the iPad Mini delivers great performance with the new 64-bit A7 chip, the continued support for the iPad 2's much slower processor means the iPad 4's A6X chip is going to be more than enough for the vast majority of apps for some time to come. And if you prefer larger screens, this question becomes a no-brainer.

Upgrade Recommendation: No.

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