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iPad Hardware and Competition

The iPad is such an innovative device, it competes with everything from portable movie players to electronic book readers to other tablet computers. So how does the iPad stack up?
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Apple iPad 2 Features
The iPad 2 has a host of features that differentiate it from the original iPad, including cameras and a faster processor that can run games better.

iPad 2 FAQ
If you still have questions about the iPad 2 before you run out and buy one, you have come to the right place. The iPad 2 FAQ contains answers to the most commonly asked questions.

iPad 3 Rumors
It doesn't take long for people to speculate about what Apple has in store for the iPad. Before the iPad 2 even launched, iPad 3 rumors began making the rounds. And with the iPad 2 only a few months old, rumors about the next generation device are only getting more frequent.

How to Sell Your iPad
Looking for a great way to finance your new iPad? Sell your old one! Don't worry, even if you don't want to go through the hassle of an auction site, there are still easy ways to sell your iPad.

Apple iPad 3rd Generation Features
Apple introduced it's new iPad on March 7th, 2012, and it did not disappoint. New features included better graphics, faster processing, better data speeds and voice recognition.

Should You Upgrade to the iPad 3rd Gen?
The iPad 3 announcement turned out to be the 'new iPad' announcement, with Apple dropping the number from the end of the name. But did they drop anything else? Is it a great upgrade? That depends on how you are using your current iPad.

iPad 4 Features and Details
Apple announced the iPad 4 alongside the iPad Mini at the October media event. The new iPad 4 is an incremental upgrade over the previous iPad, with an improved processor and better cameras among other new features.

Should You Upgrade to the iPad 4?
The iPad 3 lasted only 7 months before the iPad 4 was released, so is it time to upgrade? And what about the original iPad and iPad 2 owners? Is now the best time to buy?

Is the iPad a PC?
If the iPad counted as a PC, Apple would be the fastest growing PC vendor in the world. So what keeps the iPad from being a PC? Does it lack features? Or is it really a PC in disguise?

A List of iPad Models/Generations
A roundup of the different iPad generations, including the iPad Mini. The iPads are broken out by generation and model, including model number for identifying specific iPads.

What is the iPad Air?
The iPad Mini 2 was announced by Apple on October 22nd, delivering a Retina Display and the same A7 chip that powers the iPad Air.

What is the iPad Air?
The iPad Air was announced by Apple on October 22nd and takes over the place of the 9.7-inch iPad in Apple's iPad lineup.

Should You Upgrade Your iPad?
The iPad Air represents the biggest change to the iPad's form factor, and its new A7 processor is 2x faster than it predecessor, but is this enough for you to upgrade to the new Air?

Should You Upgrade iPad Mini
Apple released the iPad Mini 2 on October 22nd, 2013. Including the move to a Retina Display and the same A7 chip powering the iPad Air, it constitutes a major upgrade for the Mini. But is it enough to upgrade?

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