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Cable Networks and Broadcast TV Networks on the iPad

Watch Cable TV and Broadcast TV on Your iPad With These Apps


Thanks to many cable networks and broadcast TV networks jumping on the iPad bandwagon, it's becoming easier and easier to bring your favorite TV shows with you. Many of these apps will allow you to watch full episodes and even feature-length movies, though you may need to log in via your cable network to get full access to the videos.

Note: A few of these apps are designed for the iPhone and run on the iPad in compatibility mode. The video found in these apps tends to run well on the iPad once the 2X button is pressed to run the app in full screen mode.

Cable/Satellite Networks

These apps will give you limited access to your cable TV subscription through your iPad. You'll need to log in to gain access to the content.

Broadcast Networks

Most of these apps do not require you to login to your cable network. The CBS app is actually TV.com, an iPhone app with shows from CBS, the CW, Showtime and CNET.

Premium Cable

The Premium Cable apps require you to login to your cable subscription, but they offer the most content once you have verified your subscription.

Cable Networks

Not all of these apps offer full-length episodes.

Cable News and Sports

Some of these apps require you to verify your cable subscription.

The Top iPad Movie and TV Apps

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