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iPad App Development - Guides and Tutorials

It's a great time to start developing iPad applications. The iPad dominates the tablet market, and as we move into the post-PC world, the iPad will become even more popular. And because both the iPhone and iPad share the same operating system (iOS), you can easily develop both iPhone and iPad apps using the same platform.

How to Develop iPad Apps
Have you ever wanted to develop an iPhone or iPad app? There are a number of steps you need to take to get started developing apps, from downloading a development platform to signing up with Apple developer's program.

Review: Corona SDK for iPhone and iPad Development
The Corona SDK by Ansca Mobile provides a great path to developing rich iPhone, iPad and Android applications in an easy-to-learn environment that can cut development time down from months to days. A powerful engine with cross platform builds, Corona was developed as a gaming development engine but has expanded to fill more roles.

Developing Your First iOS App
This guide to using Xcode will take you through the steps of developing your first iOS applications. A great start for both new developers and those just new to Xcode, the guide will show you the basics in starting new projects and navigating through Xcode.

How to Parse XML Files in Xcode
A common task in many iPhone and iPad apps is to parse RSS files or XML files, whether it be for populating an app with data, updating existing data or creating a news reader.

How to Add OpenFeint Using Corona SDK
It is easy to add OpenFeint to your iPhone/iPad game for those using the Corona SDK, and adding online leaderboards is a great way to market your app to even more potential users.

How to Market Your App
You've developed your app. Now what? It can be difficult to market an iPhone or iPad app on little-to-no budget, but there are a number of things you can do to get the word out about your app that won't break the bank.

Corona SDK: How to Layer Graphics, Move Graphics and Bring Graphics to Front
The Corona SDK can make mass manipulation of graphical objects easy by using display groups to create layers of graphics that can be set in a specific order or brought to the front at any time.

Full Review: The Apple iPad 3 for Developers
The iPad 3 has a number of great upgrades of users, including (of course) the gorgeous screen, but is it a needed upgrade for developers? Do you really need the Retina Display to test an iPad app if you aren't planning to use Retina Display-quality graphics?

How to Renew Your Apple Developers Certificate and Provisioning Profiles
Are you getting the dreaded 'no provisioning profile' error when testing apps on your iPad? It might be time to renew your Apple Developer's Certificate and set up new provisioning profiles.

How to Load and Save Game Settings in the Corona SDK (LUA)
The Corona SDK makes it easy to save and load settings from a database file. This tutorial takes you through the steps of creating the database table, saving the information and retrieving the setting.

The Explode Function Translated to LUA / Corona SDK
The explode function in PHP is very handy and easy to translate to LUA, expanding LUA's ease-of-use capabilities when dealing with delimited text.

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