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How to Turn Off In-App Purchases on the iPad


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How to Turn Off In-App Purchases
Turning of in-app purchases is access through the iPad's settings.

The ability to do in-app purchases on your iPad and iPhone has been a real boon to both developers and consumers, with the sharp rise in freemium games due mainly to the ease of in-app purchases. But for families sharing an iPad, especially families with younger kids, in-app purchases can lead to a rather nasty surprise once the iTunes bill comes in the email, which is why it can be important to turn off in-app purchases on your iPad or iPhone if one of your kids uses it to play games.

In fact, a recent study unveiled that in-app transactions account for 72% of app revenue, and parents have found that some of this revenue is generated by small kids playing a seemingly free game. This has led to a class-action suit being filed because of the in-app game currency found in many free games.

So how do you turn off in-app purchases on your iPad?

First, you need to open the iPad's settings. These are accessed by touching the icon that looks like gears. Once in the settings, choose General settings from the menu on the left and scroll down until you see Restrictions on the right. (I've highlighted it in the photo above.) This will take you to the screen allowing you to turn on parental restrictions and turn off in-app purchases.

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