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iPad FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About the iPad

Since its release, the iPad has been a phenomenal success, but many would-be buyers and new owners still have a lot of questions about the new device. This iPad FAQ covers many of the most frequently asked questions, such as whether or not the iPad can multitask, if it can run iPhone apps and how to transfer those apps to the iPad.
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Does the iPad support Bluetooth?
Does the iPad support Bluetooth? The iPad includes 2.1 + EDR support, which allows you access to many Bluetooth-enabled devices.

What is the iPad's screen resolution? What is an IPS Display?
The iPad's IPS display gives it a wider viewing angle, but it doesn't have a high enough resolution to give it a Retina Display.

Does the iPad Have GPS? Can it Function as a GPS Device?
One use for the iPad that many people don't realize when they get the device is as a GPS replacement, but you have to get the right model of the iPad for it to be effective in this capacity.

How Do I Copy an iPhone App to My iPad?
Did you know you can run any app downloaded on your iPhone on your iPad as well? And the new iCloud service makes it easy to get the app onto your iPad.

What is iCloud?
Apple's new service offers many great new features, including an easy way to get music onto multiple devices and download apps purchased on one device to another device. This iCloud FAQ will help teach what the new service can do for you.

How big is the iPad? How much does it weigh?
The iPad 2 is both thinner and lighter than the original iPad, though the 3G models do weigh slightly more than the iPad Wi-Fi only models.

Will My iPhone Apps Work on My iPad?
Did you know that most iPhone apps will work on the iPad? You can even choose between windowed mode and full screen mode, which is accomplished through something called pixel doubling.

What's the difference between an iPad 3G and an iPad Wi-Fi?
One of the toughest decisions in buying an iPad is whether or not to get the more expensive 3G model. So what's the difference between the two?

Does the iPad Support Adobe Flash?
For those who love watching videos on the web, Adobe Flash support is an important issue when considering a tablet computer. But Adobe and Apple don't quite see eye-to-eye on Flash.

How Fast is the iPad?
The iPad 2 runs on a 1 GHz dual core Apple A5 processor with graphics powered by a 200 Mhz dual core PowerVR SGX543MP2 processor. The combination makes the iPad 2 over twice as fast as the original, running graphics at up to seven times faster.

How much does an iPad cost?
The iPad 2 starts at $499 for the 16 GB Wi-Fi only model and can run all the way up to $829 for the 64 GB Wi-Fi + 3G model. The iPad can also be purchased refurbished from the Apple store, which can be a good way to save a little bit of money.

Is There an iPad Virus?
The addition of an anti-virus app to the Apple app store may have some worried about whether or not the iOS platform truly is safe and secure from viruses. As we explain, there is little need to be worried right now.

Does the New iPad Have Siri?
Siri is the popular voice recognition software that comes with the iPhone 4S. Unfortunately, the new iPad does not fully support Siri, but it does support parts of Siri, which may be just as good for many iPad users.

What is iOS 6.0?
Apple's iOS 6.0 brings many new features to the operating system used to run the iPad and iPhone, including a new maps program, iCloud enhancements and new security features.

What is a Passcode?
A passcode can be used to restrict access, such as requiring the passcode to get into settings or to use the iPad.

What is Display Mirroring for the iPad?
Displaying Mirroring is a feature that allows you to transfer your iPad's display to your TV or computer monitor.

Will You Lose Your iPad Data or Apps If You Upgrade?
It can be an unnerving process to upgrade an iPad when you have a lot of apps and data on it, but if you've performed the right steps, you need not worry about all of your data.

Does the iPad Have a SIM Card?
Most (but not all) iPad models that use cellular data have SIM cards, while all Wi-Fi-only models do not contain a SIM card.

How Do I Get My iPad Apps Back on My iPad
Do you need to download your apps back onto your iPad after an upgrade or a wipe? It's actually a very simple process to re-install apps on an iPad.

How Many iPads Have Been Sold?
The iPad has increased in sales each year it has been in production, with a record 17 million selling during Apple's 3rd fiscal quarter of 2012.

How Many iPad Apps Are in the App Store?
The App Store now boast over 30 billion downloads and over 700 thousand apps. But how many of those are designed for the iPad?

Why Doesn't the iPad Support Flash?
Apple has famously put up a stop sign in front of Adobe Flash, keeping the platform from hopping onto the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. But why?

Why Can't I Upgrade to iOS 6.0 on my iPad?
Have you been locked out of the recent iOS update? Unfortunately, the latest version of Apple's mobile operating system (iOS 6.0) is not compatible with the original iPad. But what does that mean for original iPad owners?

What is iOS 5?
iOS 5 was announced at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) and is the next version of Apple's iOS. Including key features like wireless activation and the much-anticipated iCloud service, iOS 5 will be released in Fall of 2011.

Is the iPad a PC?
If the iPad counted as a PC, Apple would be the fastest growing PC vendor in the world. So what keeps the iPad from being a PC? Does it lack features? Or is it really a PC in disguise?

Tim Cook Bio
Tim Cook succeeded Steve Jobs as CEO of Apple on August 24, 2011 after being hired as a senior vice president of worldwide operations back in 1998.

iPad iOS 4 FAQ
The iPad's operating system has come a long ways since originally released. In the latest upgrades, iOS 4 has added major features, including multitasking, folders, threaded email and the ability to print among others.

iPad: The Good and the Bad
If you are thinking about buying an iPad but aren't 100% sure, you should know the iPad isn't perfect for everyone. It does many things well, but it does have its drawbacks.

Jailbreaking 101
Jailbreaking is the process of breaking the iPad, iPhone or iPod "out of jail" by removing limitations imposed by Apple. This article examines jailbreaking, including the pros and cons of jailbreaking your iPad.

What is Siri?
Siri made its debut with the iPhone 4S and crept onto the iPad with the iOS 6.0 update. But what exactly can Siri do? We'll go over the basics of Siri and answer a few basic questions on how to get started using it.

What Are Those Apps in the Updates Tab of the App Store?
Apple added automatic app updates to iOS 7, so you might be wondering what all those apps are that are listed in your Updates tab in the App Store.

What is iBeacon?
iBeacon is Apple's answer to near-field communications, allowing stores to pinpoint a person's location with precise accuracy. But how does it work?

What is Cydia?
Cydia is one of several third-party app stores for the iPad, iPhone and other iOS devices. It is only accessible on jailbroken devices.

What Is the Latest Version of the iPad?
The most current model of the iPad is the iPad 4 and the iPad Mini, though there are distinct difference between the two, including the size.

What is Near Field Communication?
Near Field Communication is all the buzz these days, with several devices now supporting the standard, but what exactly is Near Field Communication and what can it do for you?

10 Benefits of an iPad
The iPad is introducing people to the post-PC world, but what does that mean? While an iPad can't replicate every use of a laptop, there are definite benefits to the iPad that can't be as easily replicated by a laptop.

Does the iPad Support Near Field Communication?
Near Field Communication (NFC) has been a buzz word in the smart device industry for years, but it has yet to really take off.

iOS Details and Features
iOS 8 has a ton of great features like Extensibility, which will allow widgets, and Family Sharing, which lets you download that cool song your brother bought.

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