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How Many iPads Have Been Sold?


Question: How Many iPads Have Been Sold?

As of the third fiscal quarter of 2012, Apple has sold 83.95 million iPads, including the original iPad, the iPad 2 and the newest iPad. Worldwide sales have increased each year, with 17 million iPads selling in the third fiscal quarter of 2012.

Apple sold 7.46 million iPads in their first fiscal year of production, 32.39 million in 2011 and have sold 44.1 million thus far in 2012.

iPad Sales by Quarter:

Q3 20103.27 million
Q4 20104.19 million
Q1 20117.33 million
Q2 20114.69 million
Q3 20119.25 million
Q4 201111.12 million
Q1 201215.30 million
Q2 201211.80 million
Q3 201217.00 million

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