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Quick Answer: Should You Buy the iPad 2?


The New iPad

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Question: Should I buy the iPad 2 and save $100?

Answer: Probably not.

The newest iPads feature a Retina Display, an enhanced back-facing camera and integrated voice dictation, but even if these features don't appeal to you, saving $100 by purchasing a similar model iPad 2 is probably not the best decision.

The iPad Mini 2 has all of the features of the full-sized iPad at the same price as the iPad 2, making it the best iPad for those on a budget.  And for those who want to save even more money, Apple is continuing production on the original iPad Mini, which is priced at $299.  That's $100 cheaper than the iPad 2 for a tablet powered by the same processor.  The original Mini also has better dual-facing cameras and supports Siri.  A Buyer's Guide to the iPad.

So who should buy an iPad 2?

Good question.  At $399, the iPad 2 is for anyone who absolutely wants a discount on their iPad, but absolutely does not want the smaller "Mini" version.   I would advise playing around with the Mini before making a final decision -- it is surprisingly easy to use despite its smaller size.  And even then, checking around for a refurbished or used third or fourth generation iPad would be a better route to follow than buying the iPad 2.  

How to Buy a Cheap iPad.


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