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Does the iPad Support Adobe Flash?


Rear of iPad 2 at Apple's first product demo
Blake Patterson/Wikimedia Commons
Question: Does the iPad Support Adobe Flash?

Adobe Flash is not supported on iOS devices, including the iPad and iPad 2. Apple's reasoning for the lack of Flash support pertains to the amount of memory the mobile version of Flash requires and the conflicts it poses with other applications, which could lead to the iPad freezing up or crashing.

It is possible to get limited Adobe Flash support through the use of some third-party web browsers that download the web page to remote servers and then stream it to the iPad. Find out how to play Flash on your iPad.

Will the iPad Ever Support Flash?

No. Apple co-founder Steve Jobs wrote a detailed white paper on why Apple would not support Adobe Flash. Additionally, Adobe dropped Flash support for the mobile platform, deciding to focus its efforts more on Flash for the desktop and HTML 5 solutions.

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