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What is a Passcode?


What is a Passcode?

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Question: What is a Passcode?

A passcode is a password used to grant access. On the iPad, the passcode defaults to a simple 4-digit password similar to the passcode for an ATM bank card. However, the iPad allows for alphanumeric passwords by turning off the simple passcode and locking the iPad.

How to Lock an iPad With a Passcode

An iPad locked with a passcode will disable itself after a few missed attempts. Initially, the iPad will disable for a minute, but if the wrong passcode continues to be entered, the iPad can be disabled permanently.

How to Fix a Disabled iPad

Passcodes are also used to enable parental controls on the iPad. Parental controls restrict access to certain features of the iPad, such as disabling the Safari web browser, the YouTube app or the iTunes store. Parental controls can also be used to restrict app downloads to a certain age group, making it an ideal solution for those looking to childproof their iPad.

How to Turn on Parental Controls/Restrictions

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