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What is Display Mirroring for the iPad?


Question: What is Display Mirroring for the iPad?

Have you ever wanted to see what your iPad would look like on your HDTV? Display Mirroring is a neat feature that debuted with the iPad 2 and allows you to duplicate the iPad's display on a big screen television or your computer monitor. This means you can play games, browse the web, update Facebook or even watch movies on you HDTV.

How does Display Mirroring work?

First, you will need to hook your iPad up to your HDTV. This can be done with Apple's Digital AV Adapter or specialized component or composite cables designed to work with the iPad. The iOS 5.0 update also included the ability for Display Mirroring to work through AirPlay, so you can use Apple TV to copy your iPad's display to your TV. Find out how to connect your iPad to your HDTV.

Some apps, like Netflix, already support video out on the iPad. So when you watch a movie on Netflix, it will show up full screen on your TV or monitor. For those that don't support video out, Display Mirroring will kick in, allowing you to view the app on the bigger screen.

Why doesn't Display Mirroring use the entire screen?

The iPad's screen has a different aspect ratio than an HDTV screen. This is similar to how an HDTV screen has a different aspect ratio than older television sets that run on "standard definition". And similar to a standard definition program showing up on an HDTV with black bars on either side of the picture, the iPad's display shows centered with the edges blacked out.

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