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Why Can't I Upgrade to iOS 6.0 on my iPad?


Question: Why Can't I Upgrade to iOS 6.0 on my iPad?

The iOS 6.0 operating system update has some nice features, but it's not for everyone. And it's not for every iPad. The 6.0 update is only compatible with iPad 2 or later devices, which means owners of the original iPad will not be given the opportunity to update to the latest iteration of Apple's mobile operating system.

Why Can't the original iPad Run iOS 6.0?

While Apple isn't giving any answers, the likely reason why the original iPad is locked out from upgrading to the newest version of iOS is likely a memory issue. While most people are aware of the storage capacity of the different iPad models, each generation also has a certain amount of memory dedicated to running applications and hosting the operating system. For the original iPad, this was 256 MB of memory. The iPad 2 raised this to 512 MB and the third generation iPad has 1 GB. The amount of memory required by iOS grows with each new major release, and with iOS 6.0, it likely surpassed the limitations of the original iPad's 256 MB of memory.

Does this mean the original iPad won't be able to run newer apps?

The original iPad will still be able to run most apps. Most apps will remain compatible with iOS 5.x, and many are still compatible with even earlier versions of the operating system.

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