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How Much Is the iPad 2?

What Does an iPad Cost?


The iPad 2

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Apple's iPad comes with many different options, so picking out just the right model is an important part of the decision making process. And, of course, the cost of the iPad is perhaps the most important consideration.

A Buyer's Guide to the iPad 2

The basic cost of an iPad 2 is $499. This is for the 16 GB iPad with Wi-Fi. This model can be upgraded to 32 GB for $599 and 64 GB for $699.

The cost of a 3G iPad 2 is $629. This is for the 16 GB version. This model can be upgraded to 32 GB, which goes for $729, and 64 GB, which sells for $829. The iPad 2 is available on Verizon and AT&T's networks. There is no difference in price based on the carrier.

Compare Prices of the iPad 2

Looking for a cheap iPad?

One easy way to save money is to purchase last year's model, the original iPad. Many retailers are currently selling the first generation iPad for $100 off the original price.

The biggest loss by going with the first generation iPad are the dual cameras available on the iPad 2. Not only does this allow for the taking of pictures and video, it also allows for augmented reality apps and games. The iPad 2 also sports a faster processor, and when you hook it up to a TV via Apple's Digital AV Adapter, you can mirror the iPad 2's screen on your HDTV.

The iPad 2 Price Comparison Chart

MemoryiPad 2 w/Wi-FiiPad 2 w/3G
16 GB$499$629
32 GB$599$729
64 GB$699$829
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