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iPad iOS 4 FAQ

Details and Features About iOS 4.x


FaceTime on the iPad

The iOS 4.3 update introduced FaceTime to the iPad. Image © Apple.

In many ways, the release of the iPad's iOS 4.2.1 operating system in November 2010 was a bigger upgrade for iPad users than the iPad 2's release in March 2011. The iPad 4.x operating system introduced multitasking, folders and enhanced email among many other features.

By way of comparison, the iPad 2's main features include faster processing and graphics speed, dual camera support and the ability to get 1080p video out to an HDTV via the Apple Digital AV Adapter.

What Features Were Included With iOS 4?

The biggest features of iOS 4 were the inclusion of folders, a limited ability to multitask, video conferencing via FaceTime, home sharing, AirPlay and the ability to print courtesy of AirPrint. It also included enhanced email and added the Game Center.

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How much does iOS 4 cost? How can I upgrade to iOS 4?

Apple does not charge for updates to the iPad's operating system. When you plug your iPad into your computer and launch iTunes, you will be prompted to update to the newest version of the operating system. You can also click on your iPad in iTunes and click the "Check For Updates" button to make sure you are on the most recent version.

Do I need a PC or Mac to upgrade iOS?

Yes. Similar to setting up the iPad for first time use, you will need to plug your iPad into a computer with iTunes installed on it in order to upgrade the operating system.

Can I upgrade my iPad's operating system if it is jailbroken?

If you have a jailbroken iPad, it is always advisable to restore the iPad to factory default settings before upgrading to a new version of the operating system. It is also important not to restore from a backup. You will want to restore it to the factory settings and then sync your apps after you've updated the operating system.

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