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Downloading Your First iPad App


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How to Download iBooks on the iPad

The App Store's search screen contains a small snippet of information about the apps shown in the results.

Now that we have launched the App Store, we need to find the iBooks application. There are over half a million apps in the App Store, but finding a specific app is pretty simple if you know its name.

To find the iBooks app, simply type "iBooks" in the search bar on the upper right corner of the App Store. Once you've finished typing it into the search box, touch the search key on the on-screen keyboard.

What if there is no search box?

For some crazy reason, Apple left the search box off of the Updates screen and the search box for the Purchased screen only searches through your purchased applications. If you don't see the search box in the location highlighted in the above image, simply tap the "Featured" button at the bottom of the App Store. This will take you to the Featured screen and the search box should appear in the top right corner.

I've located the iBooks application, now what?

Once you have the iBooks app on your screen, simply touch the icon to go to the application's profile in the App Store. The profile screen will give you more information about the app, including user reviews.

Note: You can also download the app directly from the search screen by touching the "Free" button and then verifying your choice by touching the "Download" button. For this tutorial, we'll proceed to the profile page first.

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