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A Guided Tour of the iPad


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Unboxing the iPad
iPad Unboxed

The iPad Unboxed.

The iPad is a wonderful device with many great uses, but it can be confusing for the new user. If you have never used a tablet computer or smartphone before, you might find yourself a little intimidated after taking it out of the box. Common questions include "How do I plug the iPad in?" and "How do I connect it to my computer?"

To help answer some of these questions, let's take a look at what comes with the iPad. In addition to the device itself, the box contains a small insert with a diagram of the device and a quick explanation of how to set it up for first time use. The box also contains a cable and an AC adapter.

The connector cable

The cable that comes with the newest iPads is called the Lightning connector, which replaced the 30-pin cable that came with previous iPads. No matter which style cable you have, the multi-purpose cable is used for both charging the iPad and connecting the iPad to other devices, such as your laptop or desktop PC. Both cable types fit into the slot at the bottom of the iPad.

AC adapter

Rather than include a separate cable just for powering the iPad, Apple includes an AC adapter that allows you to plug the connecting cable into the AC adapter and the AC adapter into your power outlet.

But you don't need to plug your iPad into the wall to charge it. You can also charge the iPad by plugging it into a PC. However, older computers may not be able to properly charge the iPad. If you find plugging the iPad into your PC doesn't charge it, or if charging this way is extremely slow, the AC adapter is the way to go.

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