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A Guided Tour of the iPad


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The iPad App Store
The iPad App Store

The App Store lets you download new apps for your iPad.

While we won't go over every application that comes with the iPad in this guided tour, we will touch on a few of the more important apps. And perhaps the most important app on the iPad is the App Store, which is where you will go to download new apps for the iPad.

You can use the App Store to search for specific apps by typing the app name in the search bar on the upper right corner of the app store. You can also search for the type of app you are interested in downloading, such as "recipes" or "racing game". The app store also has top charts, with the most downloaded apps, and categories, both of which make for easy browsing for apps.

15 Must-Have iPad Apps

The app store will also let you download any apps you have previously purchased, even if you purchased them on another iPad or on the iPhone or iPod Touch. So long as you are signed in with the same Apple ID, you can download any previously purchased app.

Last, the App Store will let you download updates to apps. The icon will even display a notification when you have apps that need updating. This notification shows up as a red circle with a number in the middle, the number indicating the number of apps that need updating. Find Out More About Using the App Store

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