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A Guided Tour of the iPad


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How to Watch Movies and Play Video on the iPad
iPad Videos App

The iPad Videos application allows for movies and TV shows to be played on the iPad.

Who needs a TV in every room when you have an iPad? The iPad is a great way to watch movies and TV shows while you are out of town on vacation or on a business trip, but it's just as good for taking that movie into that cozy little nook that doesn't have a TV connection.

The easiest way to watch movies on the iPad is to use a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu Plus. These apps work great on the iPad, and they let you stream a wide collection of movies or TV shows. And while Netflix and Hulu Plus are widely known, Crackle may be the real gem. It's a free service that has a nice collection of movies. Find more great apps for streaming movies and TV shows.

If you have a cable subscription, you may be able to user your iPad as an extra TV. Many cable networks from AT&T U-verse to DirectTV to Verizon FIOS have apps for cable subscribers, and while you can't get every channel on these apps, it does open the door to move viewing options. Most of the premium channels like HBO and Showtime also have apps, so if it is movies you are after, these are great options. A list of Cable and Broadcast TV apps for the iPad.

You can also watch movies you've purchased from iTunes. The Videos app allows you to stream movies from the cloud or download them to your device, which is great for loading up your iPad before a vacation where you may or may not have access to the Internet.

And what about live TV? There are a number of ways you can watch live television on the iPad, from "slinging" your cable to the iPad via Slingbox, or you can go with EyeTV, which uses an antenna to receive TV signals. Find out more ways to watch live TV on your iPad

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Did you know?: You can play back movies and TV shows on your HDTV by connecting your iPad to it either through a special cable or through Wi-Fi via Apple TV. Find out more about connecting your iPad to your TV.

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