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iPad Help: 8 Lessons for Beginners

Basic iPad Lessons to Teach You the iPad


Are you thinking about buying an iPad and want to learn more about it? Or do you own an iPad and want to put it to better use? These lessons are designed for beginners and will cover the very basics from what that round button at the bottom of the iPad does to how you can move or delete an app. There is even a lesson with tips that will help you get the most out of the iPad and perhaps even teach your friends a neat trick or two.

1. A Guided Tour of the iPad

Getty Images / Alistair Berg

The first lesson deals with the actual iPad, including what comes in the box and what that circular button at the bottom does and the basics of the iPad's user interface. You will also learn how to find the web browser so you can surf on the Internet, how to play music on the iPad, how to buy music and movies from the iTunes store and how to boot up the app store so you can start downloading apps. Read more...

2. iPad Training 101: A New User's Guide to the iPad

This lesson builds upon the first lesson, teaching you how to navigate the iPad and even how to organize and arrange the apps on the screen. Did you know you can create a folder and fill it with apps? Or that you can delete an app that you no longer use? You'll even learn how to find the best apps in the App Store by using top charts, customer ratings and locating the featured apps. Read more...

3. Downloading Your First iPad App

We've covered the App Store, but we haven't taken you step-by-step through downloading your first app. If you are still a little overwhelmed with the app store -- and with over half a million apps, it's easy to get overwhelmed -- this lesson will guide you through downloading the iBooks application, which is Apple's reader and store for ebooks. This is a great app to have, and once you are finished with the lesson, you should find downloading apps to be a breeze. Read more...

4. The Best Free iPad Apps

Okay, now you can download apps. Let's put that to good use. This collection of apps covered everything from streaming high quality movies to an app that lets you create your own radio station to a collection of fantastic recipes. There's app for almost everyone in this list, and best of all, these apps are absolutely free. So even if you don't like one of these recommendations, it won't cost you a dime. Read more...

5. How to Personalize Your iPad

You've got the basics covered, you've downloaded a bunch of apps, now it is time to make the iPad your own. There are a number of ways you can personalize your iPad beyond just picking out the color of your Smart Cover. This guide will not only teach you how to put a custom picture on your iPad's background, but also how to lock your iPad with a passcode and how to customize some of your iPad's settings. Read more...

6. Great Tips Every iPad Owner Should Know

The iPad 3

Did you know you can download free books to read in iBooks? Or lock the orientation of the iPad? Or find an app quickly using Spotlight Search? There are a number of different tips and tricks you can do with your iPad, but sometimes it is not so easy to figure them out. This lesson will cover a number of tips that can help you get more out of the iPad. Read more...

7. Best Uses for the iPad

A Woman Using an iPad
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We've covered tips, but what about different ways to use the iPad? The iPad has a lot of cool uses that most of us might not ever think of on our own such as using it as a portable TV, as a photo album or even as a GPS for the car. This lesson is designed to spark your creativity on different ways you might use the iPad both around the house and on the go. Read more...

8. How to Reboot Your iPad

The final lesson teaches the number one most used troubleshooting step used by tech support analysts all over the world: rebooting the device. This lesson was covered briefly in the tips lesson, but it is so important, it is mentioned here to make sure everyone has the opportunity to learn how to reboot their iPad. It doesn't matter if you are suffering from an iPad that is frozen, one that is having trouble loading web pages or an iPad that is simply acting slow, rebooting the iPad could be the key to solving your issue. Read more...

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