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HandStand for iPad Review

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The HandStand for iPad

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The Handstand for iPad gives new meaning to the phrase "fits like a glove." An iPad case with a strap for your hand, the swivel in back lets you hold it in place while getting the perfect angle. A solid, durable case, the HandStand has a limited audience, but for those who need to use their iPad while standing or walking, it could be a good investment.

HandStand Features

  • Rotating Disk lets you get the perfect angle for landscape or portrait
  • Silicone case with durable design
  • Safety grip and elastic strap to make sure you keep hold of the iPad
  • Designed for the iPad 2

HandStand: Not for the Home, But Great for Work

The HandStand for iPad in Action

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The HandStand is an iPad case with a hand grip and swivel in back, essentially allowing you to mount your iPad on your hand and turn it to the perfect angle for displaying the iPad in portrait or landscape mode. Made from durable silicone, the HandStand will definitely give your iPad some extra protection, but between the strap that holds it to your hand and the grip, you really shouldn't need the extra protection.

The HandStand is not for everyone. If you are the type that mainly uses your iPad while sitting on the couch or curled up in bed, there are better case options. Even if you occasionally find yourself walking around the house while pecking out words on your on-screen keyboard, you'll probably want to skip the HandStand.

But if you use your iPad at work and frequently find yourself standing or walking around while using the iPad, the HandStand could be just what you are looking for in an iPad case. The HandStand makes it a lot easier to type on and the iPad and control the screen with multi-touch gestures without the need to balance it in your palm or worry that your grip will slip. And the swivel in back is ingenious. You won't be stuck looking at your iPad in just portrait or landscape mode. You can easily turn the iPad to any angle.

The HandStand is a form-fitting case, sliding around your iPad snugly and providing it with some extra protection. You'll get direct access to the 30-pin connector, headphones jack and the orientation lock switch, while the volume controls and wake/suspend button are covered by the case and accessed through it. Like many form-fitting cases, access to these covered buttons isn't perfect, and you'll find yourself pressing around the volume buttons several times before you can get them to work.

But the HandStand does do what it claims, which is give a safe, secure and easy-to-use solution for those who need to use their iPad while standing or walking. It is a little pricey, retailing at $49.99, and it comes in pink, black and white colors.

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