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The Best iPad Accessories


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Which Accessories Should You Buy With Your New iPad?

If you are using your pet as an iPad stand, it might be time to accessorize. Photo © Veronica Belmont and licensed under creative commons.

You've decided how much memory you need for your iPad, if to go 4G or not and chosen between Verizon and AT&T, but you still have one decision left: Which accessories should you buy with your new iPad?

Should you get a case with your iPad? What about a keyboard? Or a dock? There are a lot of great accessories for the iPad, and which accessories are best for you will depend on how you plan to use your iPad.

Can't decide? The best indicator that you may not need a particular type of accessory is that nagging feeling of indecision. Remember, you can always buy an accessory later, so if you find yourself undecided on if you need a case or a dock, skip it. And later, if you find you miss it, you'll no it's worth it.

First: The Best iPad Cases

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