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The Best iPad Accessories


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The Best iPad Cases
Apple Smart Covers

Apple Smart Covers can suspend and wake your iPad when you use it. (Image © Apple, Inc.)

I bought a cheap leather case for the original iPad. It's not the best iPad case, and it is not as form-fitting as I would like, but it gets the job done. Especially considering that I rarely use it. Around the house, I don't find a big need for a case. I don't have children old enough to be using it (and thus dropping it) and I don't travel frequently, so it is easy to do without a case.

But if multiple family members are going to use the iPad -- especially kids -- or if you do take it with you out of the home a lot, you will probably want to buy some protection for it.

How to Childproof Your iPad

The Best iPad Cases

  • Apple Smart Case. Apple introduced the Smart Cover with the iPad 2. The Smart Cover could wake up your iPad when opened, but it didn't exactly protect your iPad. The Smart Case has the same cool feature of the Smart Cover but with the added protection of a form-fitting case.
  • Belkin Snap Shield Secure. A good, basic form-fitting case that won't take a huge bite out of your wallet, Belkin's Snap Shield Secure is specifically designed to work with Apple's Smart Cover. And when you combine the two, you get the great protection and great functionality.
  • Trident Aegis Case. Are you looking for a little bit more style in your form-fitting case? Trident's Aegis case combines protection with style.
  • Griffin Survivor. If you are the outdoors type, you are going to want something more durable than a normal case. Griffin's Survivor is designed to deliver maximum protection, and it is the best case to take on a hike, river rafting or mountain climbing.
  • OtterBox Defender. A nice combination of protection and functionality, the OtterBox Defender series with both provide you with piece of mind and double as an iPad stand.

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