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The Best iPad Accessories


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Fun iPad Accessories
iCade for iPad

If you are nuts for retro Arcade games, the iCade is the accessory for you. (Image © ION)

Are you looking to expand the fun on your iPad? As if the iPad wasn't fun enough, there is a wide variety of accessories to extend the fun to your TV, put your TV on you iPad, turn your iPad into an arcade or even learn to play an instrument on your iPad.

  • Apple TV. With AirPlay, Apple TV is the best way to connect your iPad to your TV, which makes it a great accessory to pair with your iPad. In addition to playing games and browsing apps on your TV, Apple TV functions as a great streaming service for iTunes movies, Netflix, YouTube, etc.
  • Apple Digital AV Adapter. If you just want to get your iPad hooked up to your TV and don't want to spend $99 for Apple TV, the Digital AV Adapter will do the trick.
  • Vulkano Flow. How about putting TV on your iPad? Vulkano Flow hooks up to your cable box and lets you take your TV with you.
  • iCade. Do you miss the 80s era video games like Pac Man and Asteroids? The iCade will turn your iPad into one of those old coin-operated video games.
  • Joystick-It iPad Arcade Joystick. If all you want is the old-fashioned joy stick and don't care about going all out on the iCade, the Joystick-It iPad Arcade Joystick will give you the tactile feel.
  • ion Guitar Apprentice. Want to learn guitar? This accessory will teach you how to play and comes with a corresponding app. If guitar isn't your instrument, ion also makes a piano version and a drum system.
  • iRig. Already know how to play guitar? Then you can use your iPad as an multi-effects package. I wouldn't exactly call the setup "stage ready", but it is great for practice around the house.
  • iDJ Live. If you want to take the iPad from being a fun gadget to the life of the party, you can turn it into a DJ system with this DJ controller. iDJ Live allows you to recreate the two decks and a mixer setup, using music already on your iPad and apps like djay.

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