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Best FM Transmitters for the iPad

Listen to Your iPad in the Car


If you want to listen to your iPad in your car, the best way is through a car radio that supports the iPad's 30-pin or Lightning connector. Many radios also have an auxiliary input, which you can hook up to the iPad's headphone port. But if you don't have either of those options, don't fret. There is still an easy way to listen to your iPad in the car through a device called an FM transmitter.

FM transmitters are a great solution for those living in rural areas where there isn't much competition, and even in larger metropolitan areas, FM transmitters can be a good way to listen to your iPad in the car. We'll look at some of the best FM transmitters available for the iPad.

GOgroove FlexSMART X3

The FlexSMART X3 goes beyond simply being an FM transmitter by adding Bluetooth compatibility. While it support auxiliary in and out ports, which means you can hook up your iPad through the headphone jack, the X3 will also let you sync your iPad via Bluetooth. One cool advantage of this is that the iPad will automatically recognize and interact with the X3 as soon as you get in your car, which means your music will resume playing from where you last paused it.

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Griffin iTrip with SmartScan

The Griffin FM transmitters are among the best and most highly rated FM transmitters. Known for quality products, the sound produced is exceptional considering the limitations of FM transmitters. The SmartScan feature is especially cool, helping you quickly find the best station by scanning for the clearest frequency.

Monster Cable iCarPlay

Monster Cable's FM transmitters are relative newcomers, but they offer a nice quality alternative to brands like Griffin and Belkin.  The Monster Cable iCarPlay is a petite FM transmitter with the ability to store up to three different presets of the best local frequencies.  This is great for those who find their commute puts them in areas where they must change from one frequency to another to get the best sound.

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iSimple IS713 FM/RDS Transmitter With Remote

The iSimple IS713 is an FM/RDS transmitter, which means it will not only broadcast songs to your FM radio, but on supported FM radios, it will also show the artist and song names. That's something you usually only see if you hook up the iPad directly. The iSimple also includes a remote controller that you can mount on your steering wheel to make it easier to control.

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Satechi Wireless FM Transmitter

If you are working on a budget, the Satechi Wireless FM Transmitter is a great alternative to some of the more popular brand names. It may not offer options like the ability to charge while playing, but if you are simply looking to get your music to your car stereo, Satechi's transmitter is a good choice.
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Kensington LiquidFM

If you are looking for a premium FM transmitter, Kensington sells the LiquidFM. It's packed with features like ClearFM for superior sound, but for the same price, you could purchase a new car radio with an auxiliary input or that directly supports the iPhone and iPad. This leaves the LiquidFM as an option for those who's car needs an expensive specialized kit to install a custom radio.
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