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iPad Apps: Find the Best iPad App For You

Apple's motto may be that there's an app for that, but with so many apps filling the iPad app store, the real question is which app is right for you. These reviews and profiles will help you sift through the multitude of great apps to find out which ones are worth your download.
  1. Movies, Music and More (8)
  2. News and Reference (5)
  3. Productivity (8)
  4. Social Networking (4)
  5. iPad App Development (11)
  6. iPad Games

20 Great iPad Apps
This list of iPad apps spans games, productivity, news, social networking, music, books and movies, so everyone should be able to find something that sparks their interest.

The 12 iPad Apps of Christmas
The iPad makes it easy to gift an app, which means gifting an iPad app for Christmas can be a great idea if that special someone really loves their iPad. And iPad games make great digital stocking stuffers!

15 Must-Have iPad Apps
Fifteen of the best apps on the iPad and -- best of all -- these apps are all free. Whether you love watching movies, playing games or playing around with social media, there is something for everyone.

The Top iPad Movie and TV Apps
The iPad is the perfect device for curling up on your couch or lounging in bed while enjoying a great movie or some classic TV episodes. It's thin, light frame doesn't get in the way like your average laptop might, and best of all, there are plenty of great apps that will keep the entertainment coming.

The Best iPad News Apps
The iPad is a great way to start the day, with many different news apps and digital magazines that can be consumed alongside your morning coffee. From headline news to music and movies to an app that turns social media into a virtual magazine, you'll find what you need here.

Show Off Your iPad App
You worked hard to develop your iPad app, now show it off by displaying it on the website for the world to see.See submissions

Reader's Choice: Favorite iPad Apps
Everyone has their own opinions when it comes to iPad apps. CNN news or USA Today? iBooks or Stanza? Netflix of Hulu Plus? Readers weigh in on the debate with their own favorite iPad app.

The Best Social Networking Apps for the iPad
The best social networking apps for the iPad don't just replicate the website, they add much-needed features such as multi-account support, column viewing and even turning social media into a magazine.

The Best iPad Utility Apps
Do you want to get more out of your iPad? If you want to extend beyond just games and surfing the web, these great utility apps will help you get there. Whether you want to use your iPad to print documents or even extend your MacBook's desktop to the iPad's display, there's an app for it.

2012 Readers' Choice Award Nomination: Best iPad App of 2011
The 2012 Readers' Choice Award Nomination for Best iPad App spans all categories of apps from social networking to news gathering to productivity and utilities, but does not include games, which get their own category.

The Top iPad Travel Apps
Whether you are going on a weekend trip for work our a family vacation, these travel apps for the iPad will help you get to where you are going and find cool stuff to do once you get there.

4th of July iPad Apps
Celebrate the 4th of July in the digital age with these great (and free) iPad apps. With everything from fireworks to grill recipes, the iPad can help you pull off the perfect Independence day barbecue.

A List of Apple's iPad Apps
Apple provides a number of great apps for free, including a great way to watch movie trailers and an excellent educational resource. And if you have a new device, iLife and iWork are also free.

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