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25 Must-Have iPad Apps

The Best Free iPad Apps




If the iPad is the ultimate couch potato device, IMDB is the ultimate couch potato app. With access to the Internet Movie Database, you'll never be left wondering why an actor's face looks familiar or what other movies were made by a certain director. And you'll quickly become an ace at Six Degrees From Kevin Bacon.


The iLife suite includes Garage Band, iPhoto and iMovie. Similar to iWork, Apple made the iLife apps free for those who bought a new iPad after the iPhone 5S was released. Garage Band is a music studio that includes a few virtual instruments, so you can both play with it and record with it. iPhoto will let you edit photos on your iPad, and iMovie is a video editing package that includes a number of templates, so you can make yourself the star in a trailer for a movie if you want.

USA Today

USA Today

If you need to get your news fix, USA Today is one of the best news apps in the app store. And not only do you get a free dose of daily news, you'll also get a daily crossword puzzle. Do you prefer your news to be more visual? CNN's iPad app is made for you. And for those who like news from as many different sources as possible, Fluent News does a great job of bringing a cornucopia of news feeds together in a streamlined app.

Willing to pay for your news? The Daily delivers.

The Onion

The Onion

Now that we have your news squared away, it's time to get to the important stuff: fake news. The Onion's recently released app is just as funny as you would expect, combining a newspaper style with a host of hilarious videos. The Onion is definitely the funniest app in the app store.



Like Google Maps, YouTube used to be one of the default apps on the iPad. But when Apple had their break up with Google, YouTube disappeared. The YouTube app is great for those who want an app-based experience when browsing YouTube. The app will also be used an external player for YouTube videos, so if you browse YouTube in the Safari browser, videos will open in the YouTube app.



We've covered entertainment, news and the social experience, but the iPad can also be quite educational. Dictionary.com will give you one of the best online dictionaries without paying the high cost of an actual dictionary, which could cost upwards of $25. Along with the dictionary comes a Thesaurus and a Word of the Day. You'll also get vocal pronunciations of each word, so you can make sure you are saying it right.



Pandora may be the best music app for creating your own custom radio stations, but it won't help you listen to real stations. iHeartRadio is a combination of both, allowing you to create custom stations based on a favorite band or playing real radio stations from around the world. So why isn't it listed before Pandora? While this list isn't in any absolute order, there's no debating that Pandora is great at creating custom radio stations and finding similar music based on your input. But with iHeartRadio's ability to listen to real radio stations, any music lover will love having both installed.



Do you love to cook? Epicurious is packed with over 30,000 recipes. That's enough recipes to have three meals a day for over 27 years. And it will cost you a grand total of a download. For all the cooks out there, Epicurious is among the great apps available on the app store. Really serious about your food? Check out the (also free) Whole Foods Market Recipes.

Calculator HD Pro Free


The trusty calculator has long been one of those tools that almost everyone needs from time to time, and this free calculator app does a great job of translating that to your iPad. The app features both a standard mode, which is great for simple calculations, and a scientific mode, which is great if you are taking an advanced math class.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a great companion for any student, whether they are in college, high school or middle school. The app includes lessons that spans a wide variety of topics and classes. It even helps with SAT preparation. But Khan Academy isn't just for students. Anyone can use it as a virtual classroom, so if you love watching the history or science channels on your TV, you'll love watching history and science videos with Khan Academy.

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