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The Top iPad Apps


The iPad is a great tablet with a beautiful display and a lot of cool features, but let's face it, if it weren't for all of the great apps, we wouldn't bother with it. There are now over a quarter of a million apps designed specifically for the iPad, and that number is growing daily. So how do you find the top apps? Luckily, we've done the heavy lifting for you.
  1. Free, Free, Free
  2. The Best of Music, Movies, Books and More
  3. Great Educational iPad Apps
  4. The Best Utility and Productivity Apps
  1. Great Apps to Get Your Daily Does of News
  2. The Top Apps for Social Networking
  3. Games Packing the Most Fun

Free, Free, Free

Pandora Radio

It's hard to beat free apps, and one of the great things about the App Store is some of the best apps are absolutely free. Whether you like watching movies, listening to music or playing games, there are a number of fun apps that won't break the bank.

The Best of Music, Movies, Books and More


The iPad is great for a lot of things from reading the news in the morning to getting some work done, but let's jump straight to entertainment. The iPad's screen and accessibility makes it a great way to watch movies and listen to music around the house.

Great Educational iPad Apps

Khan Academy

Apple has always been great with education, and it didn't take long for the iPad to become adopted as a learning aid in schools across the country. There are plenty of great apps focused on education available in the app store, so whether you are a teacher looking for apps for the classroom or a parent hoping to home school either in addition to or in place of classroom education, there's an app for that.

The Best Utility and Productivity Apps

Dragon Dictation

The iPad is often called a consumption device, meaning that it was designed to watch video and read text, but there's quite a bit you can do with it beyond music, movies and games. Not only does it make a great way to organize your day, but you can easily get done basic tasks like word processing and tallying totals in a spreadsheet.

Great Apps to Get Your Daily Does of News

Editions by AOL

I've already mentioned Flipboard, which can be a pretty good way to get your news, but there are a lot of great apps designed specifically for going with your morning coffee. The best apps for news usually combine sources from across the Internet to bring you the best of the best, but there are a few great papers in the app store and at least one newspaper designed specifically with the iPad in mind.

The Top Apps for Social Networking


Facebook and Twitter have become synonymous with staying in touch with your friends and staying connected to the rest of the world. And don't worry, there are plenty of great clients available for the iPad. In fact, you might find some of these apps much better than dealing directly with the websites.

Games Packing the Most Fun


Of course, what would the iPad be without games? Whether you are looking for a hardcore role-playing game for yourself or some of the best games for kids, the iPad has plenty to offer in the app store. In fact, the iPad can be great for families because the games are so much cheaper than games for consoles like the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3.

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