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iPad Games: Turn Your iPad Into a Portable Game Machine

The iPad brings portable gaming to a new level. The larger screen means you aren't squinting all the time, and the ability for the iPad to read and react to moving the device makes for some pretty inventive gaming.
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What is Your Favorite iPad Game?
Reader's Choice: What is your favorite iPad game? Readers speak out on the top games in the iPad app store.

iPad Parental Ratings Explained
One of the great things about the Apple app store is how parent-friendly it is. Not only does every app go through testing to make sure it performs as advertised, it is also verified to make sure the ratings are in line with Apple's official application ratings

The Best Free iPad Games
These great iPad games include something for everyone whether you love word games, puzzles, action games or simply miss the days of playing Pictionary with your friends.

The Best RPGs for the iPad
The iPad is a great fit for role-playing games. Not only do the touch screen controls transfer well to both turn-based RPGs and action RPGs, the screen size and resolution can display beautifully rendered graphics. The best RPGs include single player and massively multiplayer as well as games that focus on action and games that focus on tactics.

The Best iPad Puzzle Games
Do you love puzzles? Ever since the breakout popularity of Angry Birds, the Apple App Store has been overloaded with different puzzle games, from simple puzzles to physics-based puzzle games. Unfortunately, not every game is made equal, and some of them are just plain outright bad.

Top 5 Movie Trivia Games for the iPad
Do you constantly try to stump your friends with obscure movie quotes? We all love a good game of movie trivia, and if you own an iPad, there are a number of really good movie trivia games you can download from the app store.

The Best iPad Trivia Games
Which scientist theorized that planets revolve around the Sun? Which Angelina Jolie film portrayed her as a video game archeologist? If you suffer from Justin Beiber fever, what disorder do you have: Bieber Thermosis or Bieber Pyrexia? If you eat questions like this for breakfast, you are probably a trivia game nut. And if you have an iPad,...

The Best iPad Racing Games
The best iPad racing games are those whose addictive qualities can turn five minutes on the couch into two hours in the seat of the fastest vehicle on the planet. Luckily, the iPad is uniquely equipped to excel at these type of games.

The Best Action/Arcade Games for the iPad
This list of the best action/arcade iPad games will put you in the cockpit of your own aircraft, in a race against monsters and will test your ability to bounce a ball against some blocks.

The Best iPad Shooters
The best iPad shooters includes FPS, third-person and even top-down shooters and range from surviving the zombie apocalypse to suiting up in sci-fi armor and showing Master Chief that Halo isn't the only shooter on the planet.

The Best iPad Strategy Games
Do you love great strategy games? Are you a nut for tower defense? The iPad has an excellent mix of strategy of both the turn-based and real-time variety, including plenty of tower and castle defense titles like the classic game play of TowerMadness and the funny one-liners in Army of Darkness Defense.

The Best iPad Board Games
The best board games for the iPad include classics like Monopoly and newcomers like Word Solitaire, but they all have one thing in common: addictive game play that is great to break out at family gatherings or simply pass the time during the evening.

The Best Adventure Games on the iPad
The best adventure games for the iPad will have you swinging your sword, jumping from roof to roof, solving puzzles in Middle Earth and trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. And then they get tough.

iPhone Quality Index
The iPhone Quality Index is a great way to check out if an app or game is worth the money. iTunes reviews can sometimes be a little misleading, so checking with a third party can help you make the decision. An iPad version of the site is coming soon.

Temple Run Tips and Powerups
Temple Run is an addictive game that has become quite popular. These tips will help you <

2012 Readers' Choice Award Nomination: Best iPad Game
The 2012 Readers' Choice Award Nomination for Best iPad Game will definitely have some good competition, with casual games like Where's My Water? dominating the best-selling lists, old classics like Grand Theft Auto III making an appearance and massive games like Infinity Blade 2 hitting the app store.

What Are the Differences Between Characters in Temple Run?
Did you know there are seven different characters you can unlock and play as in Temple Run? You can purchase these through the in-game store, but if you are hoping to get a huge advantage over your buddies, you might be disappointed.

Despicable Me: Minion Rush Tips
Want to maximize your bananas in Despicable Me: Minion Rush? These tips and tricks will help you run farther, go longer and, ultimately, collect more bananas.

The Top Augmented Reality Apps for the iPad
Augmented Reality is only in its infancy, but we are already seeing some pretty cool uses for it on the iPad. Did you know you can get a star map overlaid over the night sky or play a virtual game of office basketball?

The Best Classic Arcade Games on the iPad
Turn your living room into an 80s arcade with some of the best arcade games available on the iPad. And if you throw in the iCade accessory, you can really get that authentic game play action.

The Best Retro-Style iPad Games
The best retro games combine old school graphics and themes with modern ideas and philosophy, making them a best of both worlds. This list contains some of the top retro games on the iPad, ranging from great side-scrollers to awesome RPGs.

How to Use the Game Center on Your iPad
The Game Center is a great way to connect with friends, keep track of leaderboards and achievements, and even issue challenges to friends.

How to Challenge Your Friend in the Game Center
Did you know you can challenge your friends to see who can get the highest score on the iPad? The Game Center allows challenges to be issued to anyone on your friends list.

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