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iPad Parental Ratings Explained


One of the great things about the Apple app store is how parent-friendly it is. Not only does every app go through testing to make sure it performs as advertised, it is also verified to make sure the ratings are in line with Apple's official application ratings.

How to enable parental controls on your iPad

Here are the different iPad application ratings:

  • 4+. This is the rating for an application with no objectionable material. You can think of it like a G rated movie.
  • 9+. This rating may include cartoon violence and/or mild suggestive, horror or fear-themed content not suitable for very young children. Think of it like a PG movie.
  • 12+. This category of app may contain infrequent mild language, intense cartoon violence, realistic violence or mild use of mature or suggestive themes. It may also contain simulated gambling. It's subject matter could be similar to a PG-13 movie.
  • 17+. These applications contain mature themes like frequent realistic violence, sexual content and references to alcohol, tobacco and/or drugs. It is not suitable for anyone under 17 and can be treated like an R rated movie.

Great iPad Apps for Kids and Families

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