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Profile: Infinity Blade


Profile: Infinity Blade
Category: Games - Role-playing
Developer: Chair Entertainment Group, LLC
Released: 12/09/2010
Rating: Ages 9
Requirements: iPad with iOS 3.2 or later

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Infinity Blade Features

  • Spectacular 3D environments
  • Simple navigation with tap-to-move controls
  • Character customization and role-playing elements
  • Optimized for iPad 2

Infinity Blade Information

Infinity Blade Screenshot

© Chair Entertainment Group

An action-RPG that utilizes the Unreal Engine 3 to create great visuals, Infinity Blade portrays you as a lone knight on an adventure where you will face off against the titans of the God King in his dark citadel. The tap-to-move controls allow you to attack, dodge, block and cast spells while easily navigating through the castle realm.

Like most action-RPG games, Infinity Blade has lots of loot to collect and allows you to customize your character as you progress through the game. Chair Entertainment Group is also committed to releasing additional content packs to keep the adventure fresh.

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