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There are a lot of great uses for the iPad, but none of them are as fun as gaming. Want to race around a city in a Ferrari? Conquer the world? Become a dwarf? With intuitive touch screen controls and motion-based game play, the iPad is the world's coolest mobile gaming device. And many of the games can be purchases for a dollar or less, with even the most expensive games rarely breaking the ten dollar mark.

But don't think you are gaming on a budget. These are full featured games raging from first person shooters where you can go online and frag your friends to massively multiplayer role-playing games that will have you forgetting about Azeroth in no time.

This guide breaks iPad gaming into the different genres, so you can pick your pleasure. 

  1. The Best Free Games for the iPad
  2. The Best Kid-Friendly Games
  3. Fun Role-Playing Games
  4. The Top Strategy Games
  5. Great Action-Arcade Games
  1. Fast and Furious Racing Games
  2. Fun Board and Card Games
  3. Great Trivia Games
  4. Tough Puzzle Games
  5. iPad Gaming Tips

The Best Free Games for the iPad


As if spending a dollar for a game is too much, amazingly enough, some of the best games for the iPad are free. Free games tend to either follow the freemium model, which allows you to buy extras inside the game, or the ad-supported model, which simply display ads. For this list, you can play the game itself without the need to spend extra money inside the game.

The Best Kid-Friendly Games

Cut the Rope

Are you looking for a great iPad game for your kids? The iPad can be the perfect game console for kids of all ages, with many different free and cheap games that are both fun and safe. And with the iPad's parental controls and app rating system, it's easy to make the right choices.

Fun Role-Playing Games

Infinity Blade won the 2011 Apple Design Award

Who do you want to be today? Or, more importantly, what do you want to be today? Whether you are looking to crush your enemies beneath your spiked mace or blast them with lightning bolts shooting out of your fingers, there's a game for you, even if you prefer your role-playing done in a massively multiplayer setting.

The Top Strategy Games

Civilization Revolution is based on the long-running and award-winning Sid Meier series.

Have you ever dreamed of conquering the world? Or perhaps conquering a brand new world? Or even just trying to save some sheep from evil aliens? Between the great turn-based strategy games and a slew of awesome tower defense games, there's plenty of ways to explore the tactical side of gaming available in the app store.

Great Action-Arcade Games

Archetype is a great action game.

Who doesn't like a good arcade game? If racing around the track and nailing your opponents with machine gun fire -- or even doing all of that without the car -- there are plenty of great action, arcade and shooter games on the iPad.

Fast and Furious Racing Games

Shrek Kart is very similar to the popular game Mario Kart.

Is any type of game more suited to the iPad than racing games? A touch screen device that can detect when you move it makes a pretty cool steering wheel. So whether you prefer racing cars or karts, shooting machine guns at your opponent or smashing them with pumpkin bombs, you'll find it on the iPad.

Fun Board and Card Games

Kard Combat is a new strategic card game.

Have you ever an urge to play Monopoly only you lost the dice? Or perhaps you were hankering for a good card game but your deck only has 48 of the 52 cards? The best part about playing table-top games on the iPad is that you never misplace the pieces. And luckily, the classics like Monopoly and Risk have translated well to the iPad.

Great Trivia Games

Movie Challenge is one of the best trivia games on the iPad.

What's the capitol of France? How many legs are on your average arachnid? Who holds the NFL record in rushing yards from the line of scrimmage? How many chucks could a woodchuck really chuck? If these are the type of questions you find easy to answer, these are the games you'll love on the iPad.

Tough Puzzle Games

Sudoku is a popular way to pass the time and keep the brain sharp.

From classic puzzle-solving adventures like the Big City Adventure series to physics-based puzzles like Angry Birds to word and math puzzles like Sudoku, there's plenty of great games on the iPad that will challenge your mind and keep your wits sharp.

iPad Gaming Tips


Did you know you can issue game challenges to friends?   The Game Center is a great way to keep track of achievements and leaderboards, but one hidden feature is challenging a friend to see who can score the highest.  

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